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14 days ago

this is Kevin and he’s handsome af ✨

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24 days ago

¿Qué me ves, puto? #LeeroyLeeroyfindel #CatLovers #BeNiceToAnimalsOrIllKillYou

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1 month ago

Lookie what we rescued today at work. #lilguys #bunnies #benicetoanimalsorillkillyou

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1 month ago

Puppy killer behind me... #disnerd #disneyland #benicetoanimalsorillkillyou

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1 month ago

Best friends let u eat hay from their hair i guess. I love my Dark Lord 🖤 #bunnymom #familiar #myfamiliar #satan #darklord #inlove #flemishgiant #rescuebunny #adoptdontshop #benicetoanimalsorillkillyou

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2 months ago

Literally....? Inspired by #dorisday Took me ages to figure out how not to have the writing back-to-front 🤦‍♀️#benicetoanimalsorillkillyou

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3 months ago

I had the pleasure of caring for this lovely #pigeon last week 😊 She was attacked by a hawk and had a nasty wound on her back and a twisted leg, likely not related to the hawk attack. She was also suffering from dehydration and overall exhaustion. She was a banded racing pigeon and when I called on her band number I was told that her roost was ALL the way out in Indiana! Given her condition and the fact that she was so far from home, the owner did not want her back. Sadly, this is not my first rodeo with #racingpigeons as a wildlife rehabber and here comes my little PSA about it...So my job is to care for wildlife but I cannot ethically refuse to care for for someone’s pigeon if it is brought to me, most of the time they are suffering from dehydration and general exhaustion. That said, I am spending time, money and resources that I have allocated to help wildlife not someone’s “pet”. Then, to make matters worse, all but one time the owners don’t want the bird back because it’s proven itself too weak to race and is too injured or even they just don’t feel like coming to get their bird. So now, because people choose to engage in this “sport” that puts these poor birds at such risk (there’s so much about it I could go into and I urge you to research it) it is now MY problem to not only take time away from my wildlife patients and track the owner down, care for and #rehabilitate these birds but also take on the responsibility of adopting or finding someone to adopt them?!! Ya no thank you, not fair to anybody. Luckily for this little sweetie my lovely friend and fellow wildlife rehabber @krystalsmajkiewicz took her on and she’s doing fantastic! #freshstartwildliferehab #rethinkpigeonracing #pigeonracingiscruel #sweetpigeon #animalrights #beanicehuman #benicetoanimalsorillkillyou

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4 months ago

I just can't resist not to fall for them every time I see one #benicetoanimals 🙂 #benicetoanimalsorillkillyou 😀

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5 months ago

Think deeper when it comes to our planet, cause that’s all we’ve got 🌱Go Vegan 🌱animalfanatics#animalsofinstagram #animalliberationworldwide #animaladdicts #freeanimals #nocageforanimals #nokillshelter #nokillanimals #nokillfishing #nokillfarm #benicetoanimal #benicetoanimalsorillkillyou

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6 months ago

Twenty-six af and the luckiest bitch alive. Thanks for the well wishes yall. ❤ #somuchlove

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6 months ago

Short version: Our dog is competing in a tv show to draw attention to rescue dogs and if you live near Pomona come watch her try and win $25K for her awesome shelter, @socialteesnyc , next weekend! (#linkinbio , she’s taping 4 on 1/13) Long version: One of my favorite soapboxes is shelter dogs – I think I feel so passionately about it because it's so, so easy to do the right thing; whereas so many other important issues are more challenging to navigate and there's often a lot of gray area. Not here. The only real question is – do you think an animal is a companion and member of your family or do you think it's a pricey accessory? if you think it's the former, then it would be a no-brainer to rescue knowing that nearly three million animals are put down in American shelters each year. If you think it's the latter, then you pay thousands of dollars for an abusive puppy mill or breeder-to-the-bougie to get you the color, breed, size, "status" you envision in your living and breathing new toy. All the excuses I've heard for going this route are either based on misinformation or plain willful ignorance – no matter the breed, allergy, age, temperament you're after, you can find it from a rescue if only you have a little patience in this instant gratification world. If you're considering getting an animal, I hope you'll adopt. If you've already bought one, for your next pet I urge you to evolve and please explore your local shelters and fight against a system that abuses animals at its worst and is completely unnecessary at its best. I think you'll also find there are literally millions of wonderful animals, like this enchanting little creature, that would be so grateful to join your home. 🐶❤️ #rantover #fornow #adoptdontshop #benicetoanimalsorillkillyou

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8 months ago

If there's a dog I'll find it. #benicetoanimalsorillkillyou

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