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Silent Bob And peak one under some....well mountain spring weather. Make up your mind colorado weather.

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”You can ask the people around me. I don’t give up. I don’t give up .. and it’s not out of frustration and desperation that I say I don’t give up. I don’t give up because I don’t give up. I don’t believe in it.” —  Johnny Cash || ✨✨✨ . . “This isn’t a 27YO back,” are the words that keep replaying over and over in my head from an orthopedic appointment this morning — recent google searches include: “affordable lightweight backpacking gear,” “is backpacking considered low impact?” “best backpacking packs for foramenal stenosis / spondylosis / osteophyte complex,” & “time travel.” But after an entire year of pain, I guess I’m mostly just thankful to be pointed towards some answers and to start working towards practical pain management. Thankful for the people who have stood (and hiked real slow) by my side through this search for answers and open to suggestions and words of encouragement from anyone who has walked this road before (or sat in bed and cried down it, because walking hurts too much sometimes .. chronic pain, am I right?) || 📸: @jpap16

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The ever changing scene over Chautauqua Park and the magical Flatirons. I thought we were done with snow for this year. I was clearly wrong.

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Do you recognize this remote mountain town? If so, what’s your recommendation for a visit? Captured by @joeys.jpegs . . . . . #OutThereColorado #colorado #coloradogram #coloradotography #coloradolife #coloradocannabis #coloradoweddings #kananaskiscountry #coloradoliving

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🌲 What is your favorite hike is Rocky Mountain National Park?! _________________________________ 📸 @briellebotta _________________________________ ☀️ #livingdenverco for a chance to be featured!

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Ian and I are in kind of a strange situation right now where we can’t really decide where to go next. It’s a feeling we’ve never really experienced before, because normally I have pretty extensive itinerary planned for us. . . We’ve visited a few friends recently and we’ve explored a lot of Utah and Colorado. We have a few more places on our list for Colorado, but snow is preventing us from accessing many of them. If you have any recommendations for Colorado in May, let us know! For now we are just headed down the road and hoping to find some amazing places along the way. . . . . . #wheretonext #sunset #moodynaturelandscapes #moodygrams #colorado #colorado_creative #coloradotagraphy #coloradolive #livelifeoutsideco #colorado_travel #outtherecolorado #viewsfromcolorado #viewcolorado #vanlifejournal #vanlifers #vanlifediaries #vanlife #vanlifewave #vanlifeexplorers #folksvanlife #homeiswhereyouparkit #vanlifemood #free2b #travel #roadtrip #indecisive #mayuary #amazingly_sunsets #breakawaytribe #lifeontheroad

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Last night was an amazing evening. @florenceandthemachine put on an amazing show at Red Rocks in the cold snowy May weather. Thank you Florence for putting on the amazing show and speaking positively to mental health. It nearly brought tears to my eyes when you were talking about anxiety.

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“In the spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours” -Mark Twain

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When ya got short legs but a tough stance.

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Precisely how I feel about this weather lately! ❄️❄️🌧⛈😩😩😩 #itsmayforcryingoutloud #whereismysunshine

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5 reasons to ride an eBike: 1. Hills 2. They’re environmentally friendly. Instead of driving, ride! 3. Your work commute. Get the exercise (without the sweat.) 4. Ride longer distances 5. ‘Cuz it’s fun! What’s got you on an eBike?

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American goldfinch (Spinus tristis). The only finch in its subfamily to undergo a complete molt, the American goldfinch displays sexual dimorphism in its coloration; the male is a vibrant yellow in the summer and an olive color during the winter, while the female is a dull yellow-brown shade which brightens only slightly during the summer. The male displays brightly colored plumage during the breeding season to attract a mate -wikipedia . Boulder, Colorado . Join our adventure @twoaspensimages . #KeepBoulderFun #cityofboulder #boulderosmp #boulder #wowcolorado #coloradophotography #coloradophotographer #coloradoart #coloradostate #coloradotography #coloradolife #coloradolove #viewcolorado #viewsfromcolorado #colorado_creative #dnvrcolorado #coloradoshared #look303 #coloradolive #discoverearth #outtherecolorado #coloradonative #coloradical

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Spring Storms Have dumped over 40 inches of POW in the high country above Ouray and what a treat.

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Spent three days hanging out at Barr Lake last week and early morning lakeside walks are something I’m gonna have to do more often. 💙

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Muddy trails Image submitted by @k_degski #steamboatmagazine #steamboatsprings

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Go with the flow • For the last couple weeks I've been inactive on social media after a series of events leading to my laptop and drone needing some work done. • Nothing too intense after I got the diagnostic done on both thankfully, but enough for me to take the back to back situations as a sign to disconnect because I wouldn't have both items for a few days. • Sure I could have used other means to stay connected, but I wanted this time reset and remind myself why I love photography. So I sent off with two empty memory cards and a full charge on my camera to explore. • A lot more life happens when your inactive on social media and it was refreshing to just experience life with it's ups and downs. During this time I've been planning my trip to Oregon with @vic_e_tee the first week of June, writing proposals for prospective clients, investing in new gear, going on adventures with friends and just livin'. • Can't wait to share more stories from the last couple weeks!🍃 Stay adventurous friends🤙

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The Rocky Mountains are covered with snow, the river is fully rushing and it is below freezing outside. No, it's not winter it's springtime in May in Colorado! 😂❄️😮 . . . #springhassprung #springtimeincolorado #coloradolife #coloradoskies #coloradoshared #rockymountains #rockymountainrange #cottonwoodcreektrail #cottonwoodcreek #snowymountain #coloradophotographer #naturalcolorado #coloradoviewsimages #coloradoviews #wildlifewednesday #outdooradventures #outtherecolorado #getoutthere #getoutside

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8 hours ago

Some stills from a month ago in Grand Junction, CO! Such a fun weekend with friends! My favorite shot is the first one with @tyler_loeffler , who launched off that cliff like there was no tomorrow! Thanks, @randaray_z for taking such great shots!

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Guys, I’m so excited, I think I just peed my pants.⠀ .⠀ So many of you have asked for advice on climbing your first 14er (or trying again after turning around).⠀ .⠀ So for weeks now, I have been working my butt off to create a course that will help you get 14er fit for summer and dramatically increase your chances of reaching the top! (Yes, even if it's your first 14er.)⠀ .⠀ The condo is a mess. The cat is hungry. The dishes are piling up. But it's all worth it, because it's finally here!⠀ .⠀ Colorado 14er Academy teaches you everything you need to know to hike a 14er and come back alive. While this course will definitely increase your chances of getting to the top, my #1 goal is for you to be safe out there! ⠀ .⠀ This online course covers:⠀ .⠀ 🗻 How to choose the perfect 14er for your first climb⠀ 🗻 The 10 survival gear essentials you need to carry on every hike⠀ 🗻 The most common 14er emergencies — and how to prevent and survive them (falling, getting lost, storms, etc.)⠀ 🗻 Why 60% of visitors to the Rockies get altitude sickness, and how to decrease your risk⠀ 🗻 A 14-week workout plan to get you 14er fit in time for summer, plus my Beginner and Absolute Zero training plans⠀ 🗻 Tools and templates to take the guesswork out of trip planning⠀ 🗻 ... and much more.⠀ .⠀ Wondering what it's all about? ⠀ .⠀ 👇Click the link in my sig to check it out. But don't wait too long.⠀ .⠀ ❗To ensure that every student receives tons of individual attention, enrollment in this course will close at midnight on Wednesday, May 29.❗And they might not open again until 2020.⠀ .⠀ So don't get left out in the rain. Jump inside now and get ready to climb that 14er ... and blow your own mind.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #coloradotography #coloradogram #colorfulcolorado #coloradolove #jj_colorado #viewsfromcolorado #outtherecolorado #viewcolorado #summitcastle #amongthewild #co14ers #keepitwild #gooutside #optoutside #theoutbound #welivetoexplore #stayandwander #getoutstayout #adventurethatislife #meetthemoment #liveoutdoors #staywild #liveyouradventure #gotherestarthere #liveapeaklife #epiclifestyle #choosemountains #themountainsarecalling #igersmountains

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"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere" - Vincent Van Gogh

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We are BOOKED for wedding day! I met this guy all the way back in 2013 when I was working and living in Rochester, NY. Timing brought us back together during my most recent trip to Denver where he lives now. It is so special it is to be returning to Colorado in a few months to capture such a beautiful event at the @lyonsfarmette I am so grateful for the opportunity and happy the universe smiles on me as I pursue what I love to do. Can't wait to see where my camera takes me next 😎📸

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“Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest.” #minimalism #simplify #currentconditions #brecklife #noedit

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This morning in the always beautiful Glenwood Canyon... oh how I wish there were pull offs throughout so I could stop and take photos... this one was taken while driving but don’t worry.. i wasn’t looking through the viewfinder.

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Today’s a fitting day to post this photo. Seven years ago I took Sarah on our first date. It’s been crazy thinking about everything that’s happened since that day but I would not be half the man I am today if she hadn’t agreed to let me cook her dinner seven years ago. - - - - - - - - - - #abstractphotography #abstractart #abstract_art #abstractphoto #minimal #minimalism #abstractnature #coloradoartist #simplistic #minimalnature #abstractionism #abstractlandscapes #abstractlandscape #abstractlovers #abstractart_daily #abstractartists #coloradoig #coloradical #coloradolive #coloradoshared #outtherecolorado #coloradogram #colorado_creative #colorado_daily #colorado_captures #coloradountamed #coloradoinstagram #colorfulcolorado #colorado_photographers #coloradophotography

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The best camera in the world is the one you have in your hands. . Spend less time wishing for what you think you need and more time out there enjoying what you have. . . . #getoutthere #explore #adventure #hike #mountains #blackandwhite #landscape #colorado #outtherecolorado #colorfulcolorado #colorado_creative #coloradophotography #amongthewild #wildandco #rockymountainnationalpark #rmnp #views #phonephotograpy

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More from the Great Sand Dunes #whatwedobest #BS #bsin #adventuresrus #outtherecolorado #gsdnp @bezbz_1love

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Gimme fog over sun any damn day. Driving back to Boulder from our campsite through the dense fog Sunday morning was haunting. We’d driven that road many times before, but the stripped trees from past forest fires drifting in and out of the mist added a depth that made it seem like we were on a different planet. Always a fan of new perspectives.

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Boulder, “Spring” 2019. Colorized. The sun was real in Colorado for a brief period of time in the spring of 2019. Gone, but not forgotten. ❤️ come back sun, we miss you.

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18 hours ago

Florence + The Machine ✨ pure love and magic and the exact detox my soul needed.

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19 hours ago

Snow yeah! ❄️ #neversummer #rmnp #moresnowplease

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20 hours ago

Theater Living among giants has to feel like being an actor on Broadway. We have our amphitheater in Ouray but in reality it goes way beyond in the San Juan. Everywhere you roam you’re in an amphitheater that reminds humans the of fact we are just guests.

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Silverthorne Peak reflected in a tarn - Gore Range, Colorado. Photo edited for painted effect. #colorado #gorerange #landscape #coloradophoto #photoedit #coloradomountains #trail #hike #fish #outtherecolorado #coloradooutdoors #coloradolive #eaglesnestwilderness #silverthornecolorado #summitcountyco #artprints Prints at coloradophotos.shop

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Time to fly south already? I just got here. 📷 @framp1966 #SteamboatSnaps

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Uncompahgre The run off this year will be historic and Mother Nature has sent the message she’s not done with winter yet. Our rivers are the veins that life in the mountains flow and even tho we locals are still dealing with snow we welcome the H2O. What a stark contrast from last year.

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Since winter seems to be like herpes this year, new for this week is another snow hike up a 14er. Mt Bross is live, video link in my bio. Without snow Mt Bross is my least favorite 14er and with snow it also has the number one spot because of my trip down the mountain. What happened you say? Peep the video 👀

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Swipe Left! 🙏This was during my last trip to @greatsanddunesnps it has some of the darkest skies I have seen in Colorado. Do you like pink airglow or green airglow more? I think mine is the pink/peach color. I can not believe the colors that pulled out of the Milky Way and the different colors of airglow in this pano. If you are interested how to create a pano like this we have a workshop in August! Go click the link in @chasing.luminance bio! Tell me what you think in the comments!👇👇 —————————————————— To purchase rights or prints to my work click the link in my bio!🙏🙏 =>=<=>=<=<=>=>>>>=>=<===<>>> > @nikonusa > @manfrottoimaginemore tripod > @fstopgear backpack >Edited using @Lightroom @Photoshop =>==<=<=<=>==>>=<==<=<=>==

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Where will the road take you?

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This plant makes me smile big time. Love the textures, love the color...an all around beaut.

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