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The White Lion, along the Covent Garden pathways. #contaxt3 #portra160

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Breakers on Lake Erie. Speaking of rocks, Pint-Sized is this Saturday where I’ll have more pictures of rocks for sale. Come to @bottlehousebrew for some fine beers, cool art and fun hangs. #cleveland #cle #fujifilmxt20 #xseries #newtopographics   #loupemagazine #paperjournalmag #yetmagazine #subjectivelyobjective #burnmagazine #anotherplace  #anotherplacemagazine #collectiveendeavor

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This photo was very serendipitous and was immediately a favorite. It's incredibly symbolic to me for a number of reasons. There were two old televisions playing video content which included women/people of color being interviewed, and these T.V's stood alone on the wall they were placed against. On the wall opposite them, there were some gallery features of photographs by the same artist. When I saw the T.V's I thought it might make an interesting photo, especially being that no one was watching them/listening to the headsets that came with them. As I was preparing to take a photo, a middle-aged white woman got in the shot, looked at me trying to take a photo, and didn't care. I didn't think too much of this since it happens often and people are either thoughtless or indifferent to my standing somewhere waiting to take a photo. I set up the shot as I had planned and waited, poised, to take the photo after she was done. Yet, when I had the shot setup and was looking at her interact with the exhibit on the viewfinder of my camera, I noticed she wasn't even paying attention to the exhibit, to the women of color who were telling their stories. She was listening, but not hearing. She was distracted and looking around, even though three out of the four walls in the room were blank, including the one she is looking at in this photo. Even when these women of color were one of the only things to devote one's attention to in the exhibit/ room, she still couldn't even give them that. To me, this photo represents all of the people who claim they are allies or claim they understand the struggles of POC, but don't make the effort to really hear them.

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Phantom feet behind a screen

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Feb-Tunquén📸🎞💖🌊🥃 Extraño la playita, el verano y mis amigxs🌹

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@murray_legge @archdaily @travismavery @lincdavidson

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They won’t take me out my element

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The golden path

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H E A R T S W E L L S A litany of echoes call back.

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Read before viewing

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Utah / Nevada Border #contaxt3 #portra160

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Put The Petal To The Metal

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The Birth of Venus, Florence, Italy (2018)

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You Rock man! His name is Andrew; exceptional pianist and amazing singer. His youngest fan of the day agreed with me and gave him a big thumb up. . . . #nyc #newyork #lensculturestreets #streetphotography #thevisualcollective #traveldiary #somewheremagazine #staywild #artist #traveldeeper #urbanandstreet #urbanromantix #subjectivelyobjective #storytelling #keepexploring

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New parking deck

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I became obsessed with crows while living in Tokyo. A constant presence in the city, they are watchful, clever, and quite intimidating. Viewed by most as a pest, I thought they were magnificent. Revisiting my love of crows, looking through my photo archives, researching a story 🖤 #crow #corvid #crowsofinstagram #tokyo

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been a while. need to buy a fkn camera.

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My obsession with laundromats is getting a little unhealthy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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swept away breathing in that Sweet Fresh Air~

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Paris ✨

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