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Let's do this in Tasmania #Dec2019 #Summer2019 #Repost @thecoolhunter_ • • • • • • Impressive backdrop for @jacquemus show in Valensole in the South of France. #thecoolhunter_

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16 hours ago

Night and day, sky and building, reflections and projections, so many things makes you experience nuances of a design if you pay attention. This is true in design as in life. Pay attention ⚠️ GH2 doing its thing, pic @norberttukaj

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1 day ago

Exterior facade lighting at @capribyfraser achieved with Razor 4 (IP67).

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4 days ago

‘The Pine’ catchy name for our first full timber office project. Eastnine, our client, have commissioned this +15.000 m2 Leed Platinum and Well certified project, a first in the Baltics and globally at this scale. By full timber we mean structure, elevator shafts and escape cores. So proud 😀

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4 days ago

So grateful that I have found the perfect spot and new owner for my sculpture “Fire & Ice”. 🙏🏻 can’t wait to get some photos at dusk and dawn. #sculpture #glass #dichroicglass #superellipse #lam écurve #blue #red #fire #ice

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6 days ago

Taking this picture made my heart feel as warm as this sunset! You two are adorable! 🥰💛🌻

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8 days ago

Another idea that didn’t make it, but we really like the embracing approach and reusage of what was with a few changes to bring to life an abandoned place.

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12 days ago

I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery - air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, "This is what it is to be happy. (Sylvia Plath) 📍Dubrovnik, Croatia 🇭🇷

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13 days ago

GH3 is nearing completion. we are especially looking forward to stand under that tilting facade...Exciting stuff 😀

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14 days ago

Lines and curves, so beautiful 😍. GH2 northern entrance seen from above Pic @norberttukaj

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18 days ago

Battle field #Mykonos

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18 days ago

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19 days ago

Whitewashed #Paraportiani #mykonos Paraportiani church is the most popular Cycladic church, the most photographed, the most beautiful! How could I resist?!!!

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19 days ago

Here at ONA we're proud to be able to work on projects that are beginning to define a new era for public architecture in Brisbane. Our Boathouse Pavilion for Queen's Wharf is under construction - keep an eye out for it if you're on the citycat!

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20 days ago

The GH3 facade taking shape. Different buildings, as everything that stands out in life, are a testimony to courage. It is possible to be fearless.

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21 days ago

All set for summer

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22 days ago

My paradise #Polyaigos Have a happy week

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23 days ago

Atoll taxiways. ⚓️ These planes are just perfect craftsmanship and engineering. Forgive me if the following is “faux” to say Beaver planes are to aviation what kalashnikovs are to riffles?

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27 days ago

From render to reality! You’ve seen this image before... but now we’re under construction. Eminence is coming up out of the ground. Excited for the next stages! Well done to the team 🛠 Swipe to see the progress! Render @mr.p_studios

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28 days ago

Kimolos my love #kimolos #greece

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29 days ago

“As Qatar is at the crossroads of a decisive stage in the history of this free country, the first lesson is that the sons of the country must work hard to achieve self-reliance in science, industry and agriculture. Love for the country must translate into good work. The good work stems from belief in justice, sincerity, rejection of fanaticism and fighting corruption; all of which are elements of human dignity.” - Qatar shall remain free.

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29 days ago

Chilling in front of GH2 with our natural landscape approach, doing its thing, as it should. Waaaaaaahhh Pic @norberttukaj

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2 months ago

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