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1 year ago

All snuggled up with their daddy💕 #tvbondingtime #christmasmovies

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2 years ago

Keep an eye on what your kids watch or better join them when watching the TV! #TVBondingTime #DevantTV

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2 years ago

Serve something delicious but nutritious on your #TVBondingTime

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2 years ago

There used to be a time when the TV is seen as a symbol of people coming together. Families gathered in the living room, watching their favorite shows. Children enjoying their favorite cartoons together. The boys bonding over the game. In today’s modern world, we seem to have lost this. Technology did wonders to our lives, but in a way it also divided us. We have couples immersed in taking photos of their food instead of their dates. Children locked in on their tablets for hours, not bothering to socialize with their friends. Parents focused on their separate devices while on bed instead of talking about the highlights of their day. All these made us believe that change is in order. That’s why we’re launching the 7:30 pm TV Get-together. #devanttv #TVbondingTime

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2 years ago

Nothing beats a classic Holiday movie for your #TVBondingTime #DevantTV

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2 years ago

TGIF! It's movie night for the family! #Devant #TVBondingTime

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2 years ago

Did you know watching television can strengthen family ties? TV entertainment can be a tool to laugh together, to become informed, to connect, to spark discussion within the family. #Devant #TVBondingTime

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3 years ago

Watching TV with his great grandpa. #greatgrandpa #family #tvbondingtime

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3 years ago

Bruno watching supernatural with his mommy :) #americanbulldog #supernatural #sundayrelax #ilovemydogs #tvbondingtime

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6 years ago

My sister's @natrozay pup Papa. #chillinglikeaboss #tvbondingtime

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6 years ago

Winter Sonata, Clover and the 3 of us #koreanovela #naminaraisland #kilig #reminiscingseoul #tvbondingtime

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