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2 months ago

I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process Van Gogh (SWIPE TO SEE THE BTS) Model:@viji_umuderi @umuderi_agency Ucoco Brand Art & direction by @holyziner #vogue2021 #canonafrica #burunditotheworld #makeportraits #moodyports #vogue #éditorial #blackfashion #fashionphotography #naturallight #backdrops

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2 months ago

ADIL THE GHOST (SWIPE TO SEE MORE PICTURES, BTS) Art & direction by @holyziner Assistant @momo4cordes #vogue2021

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2 months ago

To all the amazing women all over the world you are all beautiful, you are all masterpieces, you are all strong, you are Life!!!!❤❤❤❤ ORNELLA MAMAN SOLO (Swipe to see more pictures) #womensmonth #vogue2021

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3 months ago

NATURAL QUEEN👑 @kezaa__ #vogue2021

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3 months ago

"Toast to those that chose the road we drive" @wawundi__ @kezaa__ #vogue2021

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3 months ago

REBEL SOUL @born_wiild @nk_design__ #vogue2021

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4 months ago

Polaroid experience Her highness: @kezaa__ #vogue2021

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4 months ago

SCARED TO BE LONELY 9/9 Do we need somebody just to feel like we're alright? Is the only reason You're holding me, cause we're scared to be lonely? MUA: @alidahmakeup Models: @mich_th @nkunduburundi_ Art and direction by @holyziner #vogue2021

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4 months ago

SCARED TO BE LONELY 8/9 New lovers New demons Please don't infect me love... MUA: @alidahmakeup Model: @nkunduburundi_ Art and direction by @holyziner #vogue2021

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4 months ago

SCARED TO BE LONELY 7/9 I cannot be as good as i would like to be nor as bad as i think i need to be. MUA: @alidahmakeup Models: @mich_th @nkunduburundi_ Art and direction by @holyziner #vogue2021

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4 months ago

SCARED TO BE LONELY 6/9 All this is killing me, how did we end up like this?? I know, deep inside my heart i have done wrong, i'm the one who started this but hell fXXk it, i'm the man!!! I cannot ask for forgiveness to a girl who had sex with my best friend!!! AAAAAHH!!!!! Why is my heart's keep reminding me all the good memories i have shared with her best friend? And the worst part of the story is that i enjoyed it. I cannot get over it!! But my heart does not wanna allow me to live that fantasy my heart has chosen... Model: @mich_th MUA: @alidahmakeup Art and direction by @holyziner #vogue2021

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5 months ago

SCARED TO BE LONELY 5/9 I told him "I love you" and i am pretty sure that was my heart speaking to his. It drew smile on his face and my heart smiled too. Now his heart is bleeding because of what my heart had confessed to him, the same heart that made his face smile was the same that broke his heart. Mine is screaming. Not because it wants more comfort from anyone, but because it wants to be the one leading all this situation to have a happy ending. My heart is suffering. How am I going to light up the love we turned off? MUA: @alidahmakeup Model: @nkunduburundi_ Art and direction by @holyziner #vogue2021

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5 months ago

SCARED TO BE LONELY 4/9 _Have you watched the note book? I mean the movie -No, what's up with it? -Never mind!!! -Say something if you got something to say -Jo' your bestfriend... -Wait! What the fXXk are you talking about? You and Jo.. -Netflix and chill baby. -I cannot believe you have been cheating on me with my bestfriend, you are disgusting! I'm in love with a bXXch!! What do people gonna think now? -Don't think about it too much!! same thing. I ask myself when i sit around the girls that i call my sisters and remember that one of them has made sex with this thing i call my boyfriend. But anyways don't bother yourself with what people think about us, love is blind. They cannot see what's going on unless you.... MUA:@alidahmakeup Models: @mich_th @nkunduburundi_ Art and direction by @holyziner #vogue2021

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6 months ago

SCARED TO BE LONELY 2/9 We got tired of this game of what the eye does not see, the heart does not grieve over. Our hearts speak to each other but we keep silence,no words are spoken out of our mouths,we listen our hearts crying but no one is trying to help the other to dry the pain. We chose the Sappuku mindset instead of stabbing our own Ego!! MUA:@alidahmakeup Models: @mich_th @nkunduburundi_ Art and direction by @holyziner #vogue2021

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6 months ago

SCARED TO BE LONELY 1/9 We got lost trying to teach one of us to be selfless. Self love bites each vein around the other's heart preventing love from pumping into our hearts, I would compare to the pain that I'm feeling when we are in the same room with a kiss from a red widow spider(venomous spider)leaving its poison deep in our heart and dying for fear of living one life without each other. So we accept deception as long as we suffocate together. MUA:@alidahmakeup Models: @mich_th @nkunduburundi_ Art and direction by @holyziner #vogue2021

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7 months ago

Happy Hump Day!!! Inspiration look with vintage 1988 #vogue2021 Basic Design pattern which lays a foundation for many looks using beautiful fabrics, such as this #johannaortiz resort wear 2019. Pattern available @thesewroomstore. #sewing #sewyourownclothes #diysewing #diysewist #vintagepatterns #vintagevoguepattern #thesewroomstore

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