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Wegoingtochampionship Photos on Instagram

2 years ago

Congratulations 7th grade Altamonte Patriots!! Great game today. Next week we play championship game. Yaaaaay! #football #footballmom #mybabyboy #90hasmyheart #wegoingtochampionship

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3 years ago

[ My Teki and I had a very SPECIAL moment during his play off game! 😊! He got injured was on the ground for a couple of minutes as his coaches & the trainer checked on him... I walked over to give him some TLC and he just popped right up and stopped crying! What? Am I a miracle worker? Lol! I whispered some love into his ear, next thing I know he ran back into the game for kickoff return and returned the kick and scored! Lol! ] #ChildWhisperER #KearnsScoutA #WeGoingToChampionship

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3 years ago

When son hits home run at game. #wegoingtochampionship

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