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Seeing past the graffiti stained walls to a beautiful view beyond (even if a little foggy).

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Yosemite, before the rush of the summer crowds.

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I had two refreshing stowaways and my favorite hiking companions today adventuring near Alpine Lake to Cataract Falls. The views and the company made for an awesome journey. . #cruzsquad #cataractfalls #tiogasequoia

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Beautiful sunset tonight! Looking West towards Los Angeles and the Pacific #mycalifornialife #west #intothesunset #beautifulsunset #californiasunset #losangeles #pacific #wildcalifornia #california #orange #iloveorange #colors #colorismylife

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Half Dome and Star Trails | Yosemite National Park . Haddy and I have been wanting to hike to the top of North Dome for years, and Cameron (and me) wanted to shoot the Milky Way over Half Dome from that location. It's an 8.8 mile hike round trip. We hike the first half with a brief stopover at Indian Rock before sunset. When we got there the sun was getting low in the west, and was lighting up the granite peaks, in what John Muir called as the Range of Light. It's a spectacular sight to see. . But as the sun went down it was getting cold. We were after all on top of North Dome at 7,540 feet elevation that is a polished dome with few trees for protection from the wind. As we waited for the Milky Way to rise, Cameron, Haddy and I built a huge campfire in a between two giant boulders that kept us warm. . Then Cameron and I walked down a slope for our camera set-up. One of the many shots I grabbed was this twenty minute exposure to capture star trails over Half Dome. It was a totally cool adventure! . Camera: Canon EOS 70D Focal Length: 24mm Shutter Speed: 1796.0 sec Aperture: ƒ/2.8 ISO: 200 . Copyright: © Robert Rollins . #Yosemite #robertrollins #robertrollinspictures #dreamcountry #nightphotography #halfdome #startrails #starrynight #yosemiteconservancy #yosemitenationalpark

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What a beautiful courtyard!

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“Bajwa, have faith” • ‘Bajwa’, the clan of the hawks, so you know we fly high 🔥🦅

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This Monday, the Stockton Memorial Civic Auditorium will be honoring those who gave their lives to protect and defend our freedom. This event is cohosted by VFW Luneta Post 52 and American Legion Karl Ross Post No. 16. Admission will be free starting at 1PM. Guest Instagrammer | @danielisnotcool_ #igersstockton #stocktonstory

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To.. the people who would stop their world to celebrate your presence. To the times.. you choose feeling over disconnection. freedom over perfection. courage over what’s known and certain. To.. releasing what isn’t yours to keep. and holding your palms wide open to your blessings. OneLove.

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A little late, but I graduated last Sunday! Thanks CSUN for a great 4 years, graduating with my BA in Film Production, focus in Film Editing (officially Avid Media Composer Certified) 😛 on to the summer!

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Tbh the hardest part of uploading on Instagram is making the caption...😅#darrecam

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Walks on the beach 🌊

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Crazy how this used to be a volcano 🌋📍 Route 66, CA Pc @itsaluckyshot

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Yep, that's a really crooked horizon. It's tilted so far he must have meant to do it? But why??? Does a crooked horizon bother you as much as it does me? I have 3 levels on my tripod, live view is set with the leveling meter on, and I take great care to frame my shots. All this so that hopefully I dont have to crop too much and I can keep as many pixels as I can for printing. But at some point aren't the rules just so constricting? Not to say that this is an award winning way to break a suggested rule of landscape photography, but isn't breaking rules the way we discover things. We may even learn that a particular rule, or set of rules, really dont fit us or have any place in our lives. In my experience a lot of societies rules were based on judgement and trying to make one better than another. Perhaps that is why I love artistic endeavors so much, because even though there are rules, you get to break them in the name of being creative. Honestly it is refreshing to take something that others may consider wrong and make it right. This idea helps me to understand that there are many different rights in this life. My way may not be the only way. There are many rules from the past that we need to let go of, opening our minds and hearts. Which is something I think we all need to remember, to make a conscious effort to understand others. Because perhaps, there are many, many, many ways to percieve and live this life. #emformdesign #chooselove #creativewriting #stanislausnationalforest #mytuolumnecounty #sierranevadamountains #sierrasunset

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Sometimes I drive 40 miles just to walk with my dogs for 3 miles, totally worth it 😊🐶🐻 . . .

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I left the normal designated areas for spotting wildflowers feeling uninspired. Lucky as I drove back, I stopped this scene begging to be photographed. I got to snapping and before long I noticed 4-5 other cars had deposited lots of other people into my previously deserted scene. Luckily none of them seemed to noticed this clear subject (tree), anchored by this awesome foreground!

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I'm such an SF fanatic, I even love Fisherman's Wharf. I love Boudin factory, I love the sea lions, I LOVE ALCATRAZ. I think we have the best "tourist traps" of any city. So you can imagine my honor to be playing @hardrocksanfrancisco right on the pier. 🥰 Little baby bay-area Tawnee is freaking out about it. __ If you're around Monday, swing in for some brunch and tunes. 9-11 am. 🔗 In bio.

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w/ my lady bug and tipsy girls. #whiskeyhollow #lososos #campcalifornia #wildcalifornia

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viewing party 🎉

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Don’t know what somebody told you But ain't gon' lie, I miss the old you 🎶

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A week ago an F2 tornado ripped through my hometown at 5:30 in the morning and got relatively close to my parent's house. As we were talking I mentioned how I actually missed the severe weather that the south gets and talked about how boring most of the weather has been up here.... I even said "I don't think Redding has seen any tornadoes before." While we didn't get any tornadoes I found out that it is actually possible to get them here thanks to this gnarly supercell! I'm thankful everyone I know back home was safe, and that I got to capture this spectacular moment with Redding's most iconic feature, the Sundial Bridge.

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2 hours ago

Me! holding a dog! outside! what's new (also idk what's going on with my foot either don't ask)

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Refreshing angle on The Big Sur, as the crow sees👌 . . 📸 @mackaghram #ca #california #californiaadventure #rawcalifornia #wildcalifornia #bigsur #highway1 #californiathreadcompany

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3 hours ago

Rain didn't stop us from an amazing time at our first campout last weekend. It was the first time camping for some of the families. We hiked to Rose Valley Falls, rock-climbed at Wheeler Gorge, and spent time around the campfire. Thanks to the families who joined us and the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Barbara for partnering with us. A very special thanks to The American Alpine Club-Los Padres Chapter for making rock climbing possible, and @andreaavegaaa for all her support organizing and hosting the campout! @americanalpine @boysgirlssb . . . #youthoutdoors  #nextgen #landstewards #hiking #lospadresnationalforest #lospadresforestwatch  #lpforestwatch  #publiclands  #protectourpubliclands  #forceofnature  #keepitwild  #californiawilderness  #santabarbara  #everyoneoutside  #everydaycalifornia  #wildcalifornia  #explorecalifornia  #centralcoast  #latinxoutdoors  #weloveourpubliclands  #outdoorsforall  #natureRx  #naturedeficitdisorder  #venturacounty #santabarbara #defendpubliclands #ojai #rockclimbing #familiasoutdoors #diversifyoutdoors

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Got to add a couple of numbers to my profile. This is the second Space Shuttle I’ve seen (the other is at the Intrepid). It’s also the only external tank in existence. Eventually they will be displayed together vertically in a launch configuration so I will have to go back some day. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #endeavour #spaceshuttle #spaceshuttleendeavour #space #californiasciencecenter #socal #WildCalifornia #westcoast_exposures #california4fun #visitcalifornia #californiaholics #explorecalifornia #wonderful_cali #californiacaptures #unlimitedcalifornia #calilove #wonderlustcalifornia #relax_youreincali

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Malibu Pier

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Could a rose be any more perfect? ··· Municipal Rose Garden // San Jose, CA

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don’t @ us

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• know who has your back. #beachbums #stinsonbeach #gracietheshrimp

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Get outside, it’s free! No matter how much you ride or how sleek your ride is, get out and enjoy the sun! . Guest Instagrammer | @danielisnotcool_ #igersstockton #stocktonstory

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What's in my planner? Tons of online photography & business classes, consultation availability and portrait session spots! . DM me to set up a free consultation to learn more about our custom portrait experience. . Comment below to say hi!! I can't wait to meet you. . . #chicagophotography #chicagophotographers #elgin #schaumburg #illinoisphotographer #midwestlife #midwestliving #chicagowest #chicagoshots #chicagophotographer #enjoyillinois #midwestmoment #chicagoland #chicagoart #chicagoartist #californiaphotographer #sonoracaphotographer #sonoraca #californian #californialife #bayareaphotographer #californiagirls #californialiving #californiacoast #beachlifestyle #wildcalifornia

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Long Live that Saturday Vibe 🌲

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Where Two Deserts Meet. 🌵 Two distinct desert ecosystems, the Mojave and the Colorado, come together in Joshua Tree. A unique variety of plants and animals live in this land sculpted by wind and rain. Surreal geologic features add to the wonder of this vast wilderness in southern California.❤️#joshuatree #joshua #girlsdreamtravel #sheisnotlost #landscapelover #in2nature #wildcalifornia #thedreamytravels #womentravel #roamingwomen #naturelovers_gr #girlslovenature #desertlover #solotravel #calilove #naturaleza #ig_nature #roam #solowomentravel #siciliangirl #girlswhoexplore #nps #ig_nature #womentravelphotographers #nationalparkphotography #nationalparks #brooksandoak #nationalparkfans 🌵❤️

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↠ Spring is almost at the end (to my sadness) but it is still possible to find incredible places lost in the city. I can’t wait to share the photos of the wonderful shooting that was yesterday. Meanwhile, I post photos of the unexpected places that appear. Good things are coming! . . . ↠ A Primavera está praticamente no final ( para minha tristeza ) mas ainda é possível encontrar lugares incríveis perdidos na cidade. Não vejo a hora para compartilhar as fotos do ensaio maravilhoso que foi o de ontem. Enquanto isso, eu posto fotos dos lugares inesperados que aparecem. Coisas boas estão vindo!#35mm

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. 🔶 wσndєrful cαlífσrníα 🔶 . fєαturєd αrtíst: @natecarroll.la ________________ . 🌴✨🌴✨🌴✨ . ________________ usє thє hαshtαg #wonderfulcalifornia σr tαg us @wonderful.california fσr α fєαturє! . vísít σur fríєnds αt @wonderful.westcoast @wonderful.alaska @wonderful.canada @wonderful_washington @wonderful.oregon @wonderful.california @wonderful.idaho @wonderful.utah @wonderful.arizona . . . . . #wonderfulwestcoast #wonderfulalaska #wonderfulcanada #wonderfulwashington #wonderfuloregon #wonderfulcalifornia #wonderfulidaho #wonderfulutah #wonderfularizona #cascadiaexplored #naturalcalifornia #caligrammers #visitcalifornia #unlimitedcalifornia #wildcalifornia #rawcalifornia #californialove #caliexplored #calilove #california4fun #caliinviteyou #californiaadventures #conquer_la #sanfranciscoworld #discoverla #sanfranciscobayarea #choosemountains #hikecalifornia #explorecalifornia #travelcalifornia

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The setting sun created a kind of natural vignette on this giant sequoia. There was still some snow on the ground in the grove. ... ... #kingscanyonnationalpark #wildcalifornia #national_park_photography #brooksandoak #californiacaptures #californialandscape #wildernessculture #iphone8plus

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6 hours ago

Here’s a focus stack and exposure blend image from La Jolla a few weeks ago. These potholes are still one of my favorite spots to shoot.

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Wow! These mountains, simply put, are INCREDIBLE! Accomplished the #goal of traversing the entire #backbonetrail by completing the last little 4 mile section that had been overlooked for years. This was not a thru run accomplishment (maybe a future #bucketlist item) but a piece by piece project. When added up, those 67 beautiful miles become part of your heart. A special thank you to @jbcabinetry for being so supportive. I love you E!

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As Summer kicks off, and the sun starts shining - we wish you a happy Memorial Day weekend. May your work obligations take a back middle seat to whatever cool is going down in your town. It's Memorial Day Weekend. Make memories! // @lakeypeterson ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Shades: ‘Lemonade Fog’ Shop ‘em | Link in Bio Photo: @tallteef #blenderseyewear

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Let him be LITTLE Let him be WILD Let him RUN FREE . 📍: Hillside Trail, Muir Woods National Monument @usparksandmonuments @nationalparkservice

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Lil PCT action 🦅

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