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Would you follow me to the center of the Earth? They say it burns... 1st prize. Espai Cràter Vulcanology Museum in Olot by BCQ arquitectes in collaboration with Anna Codina Architecture |Image by @playtime.barcelona

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. . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ᗯᗴᖇ しᝪᔑしᗩ̈ᔑᔑᎢ ᕼᗩᎢ ᗞᏆᗴ ᕼᗩ̈ᑎᗞᗴ ᖴᖇᗴᏆ ᖴᑌ̈ᖇ ᑎᗴᑌᗴᔑ. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . . Was erzählt man eigentlich, wenn man garnicht weiß was man erzählen soll? 🤷‍♀️... . Palaba übers Wetter, den nervigen Nachbarn, wie teuer alles wieder geworden ist, die neuen Kunststückchen die unser Vierbeiner kann oder einfach mal die Klappe halten? 😂 . OK... ich halte die Klappe, kommt heute eh nix bei raus 🤪 . Ging es euch mal so dass euch jemand gegenüber gesessen ist und ihr euch angeschwiegen habt?euch nicht eingefallen ist was ihr sagen könnt? Wie habt ihr euch dabei gefühlt? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #freedome #photoedits #photocomposition #sunset_hunter #savetheanimals #savethenature #travellingthroughtheworld #birdsofig #gedankentanken #fotografieliebe #bergluft #landleben #countryfeatures #countrygirlatheart #countrysidelife #ilovemylife ❤️#bloggerlove #blogger_at #mountainlover #landschaftsfotografie #beautifuldestinations #wermemorykeepers #memorykeeping #tierliebe #animalsmood #s üdtirolerleben#visitsouthtyrol #petfluencer #gedankenwelt

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#architecturerenderings by Oscar De Leon @oscarudeleon and Jean-Pierre Villafañe @skemongo completed during the Architecture as (Green) Infrastructure and Other Hypotheses for São Paulo Advanced VI Architecture Studio led by Pedro Rivera @pedroriv @rua_arquitetos. The studio focuses on Parque Dom Pedro II, an area that summarizes how São Paulo has historically related to its landscape, waters, and public spaces throughout its development. Students examine this site as a critical and unique area to raise new hypotheses by exploring the relationships between architecture, infrastructure, landscape, and ecology. The studio looks at Brazilian and international case studies and investigates the Escola Paulista to imagine how its principles can be reframed, shifting from modern and monofunctional to green and hybrid infrastructures, to inspire urban architectures that combine resilient ways of thinking about the built environment with bold strategies supporting the right to the city. #columbiagsapp #architecture #publicspace

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Moonlit Shadows with @brown_eyed_woman as the scorpion guards her into the night! The artistic magic and scale of these sculptures are an amazing sight no matter the time of day or night. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks to @ricardo.breceda_metal.artist for making these magical sculptures bringing other artists visions to light with his magical pieces!

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Remembering our precious times in Apuseni back in 2014. 📸35mm photographies Her wild, joyful and free spirit wandering in the mesmerizing atmosphere of the Carpathian mountains... In stars, in light, in smiles, in joy, in patience, in the whisper, in the breeze, in tenderness, in stillness, I love her beyond words. Happy 29th Summer to my wife Larisa ☀️în💛

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彩りの黎明 低い雲海に街灯りが反射して美しい。 山梨県櫛形山で以前撮影。 #mtfuji_fpn   #Lovers_Nippon   #japan_night_view #風景 #風景写真 #雲海 #fuji #キタムラ写真投稿 #富士 #富士山 #櫛形山 #mtfuji   #tokyocameraclub #夜景

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Time for some pink hues. 💕 I do have a tutorial for this edit in a future post, like literally, I formatted it to the correct ratio and you can read it and apply it yourself. 😊

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【神奈川 鎌倉花火大会】 ☆Kamakura Kanagawa Japan.

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New vid! One of my favourite topics in photography! If you’re a photographer- you’ll dig it!! Also, how sick is this light right now?! Omg! @lakesimcoewatersportrentals and I ripping the river at sun down. Love summer. LINK IN BIO!!

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Rays of light make their way through the place, which is a huge waterfall in Salta cave

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Casa Morchiuso by Marco Castelletti Architects is a house in the hills of Erba, Italy overlooking Lake Como. The home has been updated with a rectilinear wood lattice facade among other improvements. Originally built in the 1970s, “the new structure has replaced the original pitched roof with a flat plane and the exterior is further streamlined by wrapping the perimeter with a wooden screen. On the upper level, a bath-style pool with full height enclosure on all sides offers privacy from neighbors. Link to project in bio. #arquitetura #italy #italian #design #instadesign #shadow

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En uno de mis lugares favoritos en la tierra #TombaBrion #maestroScarpa ... Festejando! @carlosfacio ❤️

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