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Pika Pika Pikachu 💛😻 #pikachu #detectivepikachu

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When he realises he’s being watched 😂

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most talented, kind & beautiful @kiiara ILY 💖💚

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And now we rest. Hope you had a productive week! #happyfriday

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Pinch myself daily that this is my job. I am so grateful.

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Normalcy is underrated. I thought I was going to want to do the most while on vacation like zip-lining and finding strange cool things to do and stunt on the gram. But, I literally have just been eating endlessly, swimming in rivers, and getting loved up on by a gentle man who feeds me fruit. Here’s a photo of some people I love at a local basketball game.

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BROWN BADASS BONITAS I see you. I celebrate you. #brownbadassbonita #latinxgradcaps c: @sara_the_dancer_

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Ready for a long weekend of lounging 🌤

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Beautiful quiet moments ✨

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Ever since I first saw a photo of a Red Knot, I dreamed of seeing and photographing one in person. They are an uncommon bird in British Columbia, but I eventually I saw my first knot back in 2014. It was during September, so the bird was not sporting it’s beautiful breeding colours. Over the following years I saw many more knots, but always in their non-breeding plumage (see second photo). That is normal here in British Columbia, because we usually see knots in the fall, rather than in the spring. Eventually, I got to see my first knot in breeding colours. I was blown away by its beauty, but the bird was so far away that it was essentially a speck in the distance. While on a recent trip to Vancouver Island’s Pacific Rim, I finally had the opportunity to see a Red Knot in its breeding colours up close. A change in weather brought a number of these birds down from their 14,000 kilometre (9000 mile) migration to the beaches of the pacific coast, where I spent a couple mornings getting muddy photographing them. They are stunning shorebirds!

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3 days ago

This bird may look drab, but what it lacks in plumage it makes up for in its song and unique behaviour. This is a Northern Waterthrush, a warbler that spends the breeding season near the ground around forest water sources across Canada. I’ve been fortunate to see and listen to this bird sing here in British Columbia on a couple recent mornings.

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Perfect angels! 😇 *not* 😈 __ Boogie, especially, is always getting into mischief! I think she is in collusion with the cat. Every morning I come out and there is some treat bag magically strewn on the floor with plastic bits tumbling in the wind, all treats devoured. I'm sure the cat is knocking the goodies on the ground in hopes of Boogie tearing it up and getting some crumbs. No wonder Boogie is so thiccc! She'll do anything for food. Even team up with the terrifying tiny lion. __ Good example of how much bigger Boogie Woogie is than Ragtime. Girl's got heft! __ #rescuemutt #scruffydog #scruffysquad #dogsofsandiego #OptOutside #outdoors #campingwithdogs #dogsonadventures #dogsthathike #hikingdogsofinsta #thegreatoutdogs #adventureswithdogs #adventureisoutthere #adventuredogsofficial #explorewithdogs #fujifilm_us #MyFujiFilm #lifeofadventure #ilovemydog #mydogismy #adventurebuddy #livelifeoffleash

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