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Waterfalls and rainbows 🌈 What are y’all doing for memorial weekend?! I unfortunately have to work!

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If you can think of a better fish pun... let minnow 😏

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Einen wunderschönen sonnigen Sonntag wünsche euch 😎 der Tag ist bei mir wie üblich gestartet...na klar...mit Sport. 3h..auf nüchternen Magen. 🤓 Ich möchte euch jetzt nichts von #noexcuses erzählen...das ist Blödsinn...wenn man etwas liebt und es einem Freude bereitet macht man es ganz automatisch 😊... mir fällt es auch total leicht morgens extrem früh aufzustehen... bin eben keine Nachteule 😊🦉❌...so wie 99,99% der anderen Menschen 😂 (so kommt es mir zumindest vor)...und Partys sind auch nix für mich. Die Feierei geht ja heutzutage so spät los, da stehe ich ja fast schon wieder auf 💆🏼‍♀️😂🤷🏼‍♀️ So...der Kaffee ☕️ ruft...Was treibt ihr heute schönes? . . . Werbung #inspiration #fitnesslifestyle #fitgirl #transformation #fitness #girlswholift #weightloss #fitnessmotivation #sport #fitnessgirl #abs #nopainnogain #training #smile #trainhard #fitfamgermany #gymtime #gymaddict #instafit #fitspiration #wochenende #gym #coffee #girlswhoworkout #fitfam #happy #gymmotivation #training #happyweekend

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Not a fan of heights 🙅🏼‍♀️

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Yay for being 23 now and having such an amazing birthday weekend ☀️🎉. . . Thank to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, you guys are so amazing 😭💕. Now just a few more days till I’m off to Hawaii. Already cried when I had to say goodbye to my siblings and their families so I’m gonna be a total WRECK when I have to say goodbye to my parents and little sister!!! I’ll see them again in August for the wedding but still... it won’t be the same anymore 😭💔 . Swipe to see me failing in hitting my piñata which happens to be Moana cause my mom thinks she’s clever and funny 😂

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A bidon filled with water and a banana in your pocket, every cyclists starterkit. 🍼🍌 Ik schreef een blog over eten tijdens het sporten. Hoeveel zou je nu eigenlijk moeten eten? Hoe ziet dat eruit? En hoe zag mijn voedingsplan voor de triathlon in Bilzen eruit? Je leest het nu allemaal op de website van @bbbcycling , via mijn blog vind je een linkje om er snel te komen. Heb jij een favoriete tussendoortje voor een lange training, of ga je voor koffie en appeltaart onderweg? 🥧☕️ #sportvoeding #girlslove2run #triathlon #trilife #swimbikerun #tribabes #bodygoals #triathlontraining #triathlete #healthylifestyle #triathlongirl #hardlopen #runninggirl #sportsnutrition #hardlopenisleuk #triathlonlife #runnersworldnl #bootybuilding #bootyworkout #girlswhoworkout #veganathlete #vegantriathlete #plantbasedathlete #vegangirl #fitdutchies #plantbasedfood #plantpowered #nevernotrunning

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Was allll about summer shredding yesterday!! 🥳 💪🏽lame joke I know I’m sorry but I had to . Feeling super disoriented because I just was in the fall season in NZ, now I’m skiing in May - idek what season it is anymore 😂 but I’m not complaining! Was feeling really grateful to be able to get some turns in one more time🤘🏽🙌🏽

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It’s interesting to note that the most kind and courageous souls you meet ind life are usually those who’ve faced the most cruelty or conflict. This vicious world might sharpen us like a blade, but whether we use that power to protect others or cause pain is always our choice to make. ☘️ #sundaythoughts

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2 days ago

About 80% of my fitness journey has always been focused on gaining weight & building a booty/curves. I was always so insecure about how thin I was especially with having an already naturally athletic build. Seeing as this is the biggest I’ve ever been, I’ve found myself being so insecure & like I need to be a twig again. It wasn’t until I found that photo on the left and remembered how badly this was what I always wanted. I’m strong. I’m powerful. I’ve gained so much experience. I’ve gained so much knowledge. I’m capable of so much more. I’m built. My booty is bigger. I can see my hamstrings. - & all of those are things I craved . I was really disappointed in myself with my weight gain but now I’m like woah wait a minute. You’ve worked so hard for this for 3 years & the person on the left would kill to look like the person on the right. So are my current goals to lean out a bit? Yes. Am I proud as hell to have come this far? Absofreakinglutely. . Moral of the story - be proud of what you are. Do not beat yourself up for what you are not. Praise yourself for how far you’ve come. Love & be proud of your body at every stage. & don’t be afraid to work toward something new w an open heart🌟 you are limitless w a brilliant machine (the body) - work w it not against it💓🤘🏽

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