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@goodnews_movement: Chauncy (left) who was starving, approached a stranger (right) and asked if he could carry his groceries to his car in exchange for a pack of donuts. The kind stranger, Matt White, was moved by the request. ”This kid looked like he had been turned down 100 times. He looked ashamed, hungry and broken. In my heart I screamed a loud “yes!”, but to him I just chuckled and said, “yeah dude, we’ll get you some donuts.” Matt took it upon himself to do more than what was asked of him. Matt soon found out that Chauncy had no phone, only a bus pass, and a hungry mother waiting at home. Shocked by Chauncy’s situation, he took him back into the store itself and bought toiletries, cereal and other staples for him and his mother, Barbara. The @krogerco grocery store learned of his story and filled up his cart. “I gave him a ride home so that he didn’t have to take the bus and when we got to his house I was truly humbled. He wasn’t kidding. He and his mom had nothing. They didn’t even have beds or furniture. They were sleeping on pads made out of sleeping bags, they had two lamps and nothing in their fridge.” Matt set up a Go Fund me that’s raised over $340,000! ❤️🌟🙏

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Acts like this is what America is all about. God bless everyone who helped Chauncy and his mom.

kbaldwin11159 days ago

THIS, THIS is what this world was meant to be about. Us being here for each other instead of being out for only ourselves. Love this!!!!

pamelajaney10 days ago

@goodnews_movement that’s great! Maybe you could edit your post to add “, on the left” after Chauncey, if that’s him. We could just assume the Black man is the starving one, but it’s better you tell us than we assume the stereotype is true 🙏

mrs_vega83010 days ago

Wow! 🥰😭What an amazing story ever! 💖U got a new follower here! 🙋🏻‍♀️

milan_momma10 days ago

This continues to be my favorite page EVER! Another beautiful story. Thank you!

fairtradeupgrade10 days ago

I love those beautifull story’s of the people that still have eye for oneanother and truly care. Let’s make the world a better place beautifull story by beautifull story❤️

belinda_soedarmo10 days ago

@goodnews_movement I dont know why am i following your acct since it makes me tearing up every single time I read your post...but somehow they lighten up my heart and encourage me to do more to others.

simplifylife_sw10 days ago

Best story ever! So amazing ❤️

Thank you to my wonderful mother-in-law for the story! @sponyoefigueroa

trailerboylife10 days ago

Love the heart here! I really hope they realized to hold back taxes out of that $340k. I know people who got burned by that little known fact. It would suck for the major blessing to end up as a major curse in the long run.

beeegeetz10 days ago

This isn’t sweet. This is horrifying. And a clear example of a broken system.

Its no mistake they were meant to cross each other.

gabyshairstudio10 days ago

God bless them both and all who helped in their plight. God watches us all and while certain situations are so unfathomable they can change in an instant, as this case proves. We are all one.

liketheemermaid10 days ago

brb, crying. ♥️♥️

b33phead10 days ago

Crying in da club

nu2nurul10 days ago

This kind of news always warm my heart, so good to hear especially whenever I have bad days


justemerith10 days ago

It always makes me so sad to see that people live like this, yknow? I always try to give people who have less more 😭

jello_vibes10 days ago

This is incredible. 🙌🏾

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Nothing is impossible!🙌🏼 Thanks @aimeee_esther for sharing🌟

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So sweet! via @lightworkers 🌟❤️

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This made my day! Via @diddy (original source unknown).

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Wishing each and every one of you a Happy International Day of Happiness!... yeah I know -it’s a made up social media holiday but an opportunity to take inventory about what makes you happy and what doesn’t! Do more of what makes you happy and less of what doesn’t (simple enough, right?). For me happiness comes in the simplest moments with family-pictured here my son and husband in an everyday moment at b-ball practice. Happiness is loving and being loved. BMWs still get stuck in traffic and expensive painting won’t tuck you in at night :). A watch 5x as expensive wont make you 5x as happy. Invest in people not things. Live simply. Have a great night! Feliz noche! -Michelle

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Via @Washington post : In 1954, Marty Ingham Everett’s black purse containing her checkbook, lipstick, school dance photos and letters from three boys — including a junior prom invite — somehow ended up behind a cabinet in the science room at her school, Jeffersonville High, in Indiana. She was 16 when she lost it. There it sat, undisturbed, for 65 years, until last month, when a construction crew tearing out cabinets for a school renovation found it and gave it to the Greater Clark County School District in Jeffersonville, a city along the Ohio River. School district employee Erin Bojorquez put up a “lost and found” post with photos of Everett’s handbag on the school district’s Facebook page. She thought it was a long shot to find Everett. Social media did its wonders and her son saw the post and relayed the info to his mom. She said it’s like looking into a time capsule. ❤️ swipe right for one of the letters.

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WOODBRIDGE TOWNSHIP, N.J. — A boy with autism called 911 for help when his teddy bear went missing and then hung up. "My teddy bear fell down again. Don’t worry I’ll rescue you again. Goodbye again. See you again," 12-year-old Ryan Paul can be heard saying on the 911 call. The cops showed up per protocol and when they realized his situation they helped find his stuffed animal.

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