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mayajune9 days ago

ur so hot

raveena_aurora9 days ago

Wow I’m deceased thx

michaelaquan9 days ago

Mine 😍 for 😍 the 😍 taking 😍

vivalajoya__9 days ago

you fine as fuck

mrporter_9 days ago

They be having you dipped 😭✨

ravynlenae9 days ago


k.jcaptures9 days ago

these are too cute

raquaflocka9 days ago


aliyaalsuwailih9 days ago

pretty woman 😍 love those shoes

stylebased9 days ago

Those shoesss though!

jas.leneigh9 days ago

Love the colors

_tanyalozano9 days ago

I am not well 😍😍

toni.tobi_9 days ago

Island gyals have entered the chat ^😻😭

mayajune9 days ago

whaaat the heck

vivalajoya__9 days ago

fuck you talm bout

my.big.diary9 days ago

😍😍😍😍 always killing it!!!!

la_fuego_mami9 days ago


blue_wonders1 day ago

Sweet like cotton candy

___wubi1 day ago


bina_apulu1 day ago

💋💋peng thing

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4 days ago

Being a moon + venus in Libra & 8th house is.... a mess. For the love of God, can I stop being romance obsessed? Lmfaooo. On the brighter side, this @miyihair is really growing on me. 3b curly in this cut is that girl. I also finally filmed a health & beauty favorites for my YouTube channel. Including several black owned & small business products + vagina/yoni health. Lastlyyyy been making so many cute earrings and accessories, including the lil babies pictured. So yay to that. 👏🏽

7194 107
5 days ago

311 1
9 days ago

Hotta den lava, my gyal yu a burn up! @dcshoes #DC 🔥 #YoursForTheTaking

5873 66
12 days ago

Just came by to show off my hybrid lash set by my god mommy @eyedolizestudio 🌹 A mix of classic & volume for the natural wispy look I love! Jacksonville, FL + Chi babes visit one of her salons. :)

9717 93
15 days ago

I was riding with my retired pawpaw(grandpa) the other day, and he was taking me home after our trip to get pintos & black eyes with cornbread... he was on his way to go move his tractor & do some work. I asked, “Paw, do you have to work everyday?”... As long as I’ve been alive this man has been working and taking care of us. To which he replied, “I ain’t never been afraid of no work. When I was 7 years old I had to go out in that field and pick cotton. You don’t work, you get a whipping”.... I talk to my grandpa every day, but this was my first time ever hearing him talk about this part of his upbringing. He went on to tell me how his family was sharecroppers, and they had their own home on the farm of a white family. He made sure to tell me they were not slaves, and that he had never knew anyone that was a ‘Slave’... •••••••• I’ve been thinking about this convo since it happened. Instinctually, I felt like damn, I truly can always be working harder... but then my thoughts went to questioning what “Hard work” is & what my relationship with it is... All of my family maternal and paternal were poor farming families. And though they were “poor” they were healthy and self sufficient. Growing their own food, making their own clothes, birthing at home, living life less reliant on government & more on small community. which is something I admire. After my trip to southern Mississippi earlier this year, I really just felt called to come home more. I went to visit my other grandpa’s land and I just thought wow, this is valuable family land. Someday ima be a farm woman & work the land & grow organic food and plants. I feel like it’s a part of my destiny. 🌟 (Top + Jacket: @shopakira )

11835 70
16 days ago

Happy #internationalwomensday #beufordsmith ‘woman bathing’.

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