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@tikatheiggy: Attention all iggys and others: Due to popular demand, this summer I’ll be hosting a very very very exclusive modelling workshop, to dish out my secrets on being really really really ridiculously good looking. Classic poses we will master include: the tika-derp (blep our front, to the side for the more advanced students), the tika-stun (the look when you see the chickunz enter the room), and of course the tika-smile (left snaggletooth exposed in all its glory). ✨ Registration will be available soon; I’m only taking on 10 elite participants this round. Classes will be taught over FaceTime, at the reasonable price of only 200 chickunz nuggetz per hour.🍗 I look forward to sharing my award-winning* fashion industry secrets with you. Xoxo Tika the iggy . . . *no official awards have been won, yet.

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rosiebryanss1 month ago

@amyywaterfield this one 😂😍

jammabis1 month ago

@brendanbr look how cute

chlomclaren1 month ago


ellendunne1 month ago


2o_mari1 month ago

@luizin_luizin achei o irmão do Zeca

alex_legoater1 month ago

@anna__cameron99 hope this makes u feel a bit better

chr1st1aan_botha1 month ago

@micaylacv bro...

jess2impressblog1 month ago

Ommg I just fell in loove!!❤️

shippuden0871 month ago


shippuden0871 month ago

Quand tu sais pas répondre dans une conversation

gangsofnewyorkie1 month ago

Need your Venmo to send the chicken nuggets!!!

meuapt.3021 month ago

@thaisemenolli quer ser minha friend?! 🤣♥️

amanda.s.wass1 month ago

Haha oh wow so happy I just found your account

petracuic1 month ago

@josipjukic1 😛

iszy_cowdrey1 month ago


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biankaluczak22 days ago


rheakhannaa22 hours ago

@bellazinn not yabi

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3 days ago

halp - I have a really important business meeting tomorrow that could change my life. Which glasses make me look more businesswomen? I need to impress! 🤓 👓 from @tijneyewear

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5 days ago

If you aren’t talking about chickunz then... 👋🏼

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10 days ago

Made an appearance in the Old Port to show all the tourists in town for the @f1gpcanada how we do it here in Montreal, henny. 💅🏼 Coat: @houndaround_co

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12 days ago

That magical moment when you eat too much chickunz and you start to slip into a food coma... 💭🍗

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13 days ago

Happy pride month hunnies!🏳️‍🌈 Y’all hoomans should try being more like me. I don’t see colour, gender, age, sexual orientation, or anything other than the fact that you are a person worthy of unconditional love (but I do see how much chickunz you give me 🙃). Be kind to one another, support LGBT charities, and be YOU.👽🌈

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14 days ago

Happy one year anniversary to me being the best ring bearer ever.👽💍 I’m so glad so many people came out to celebrate my big day. 🙋🏻‍♀️ #louisandthomas2018 📷 @cindybekkedam

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