Kevin Long @kevinspankylong • Catania, Italy

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str88tmagic11 days ago

you be wearing RVCA pants always? days ago


_julian_davidson11 days ago


j.williums11 days ago

How do you pronounce RVCA? Heard some people call it "rooka" and its been bugging me since

aqcarranza11 days ago


crackgrinder11 days ago

Halfcab flip 😱

dudeimgnar11 days ago


the majestic spanky🔥🔥

indigo_virgo_11 days ago

Kev lookin hot

s.yojhan11 days ago


fruffenboots11 days ago


waifuslayerrr11 days ago

switch crook was insane


Dude I love seeing you around skating. Such sick style

corajes_11 days ago


mr.twindian11 days ago

Spanky, how can I get my hair to look as cool as yours? Nothing fits my oddly shaped noggin

cowtipper7ate911 days ago

Maaaario 👨🏻‍🍳

zackwhyel11 days ago

Dope Spot! 💪🏻⚡️

jawn_clout11 days ago

Switch k tho 😤

oliverdillonart11 days ago

that flo tho 〰️

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3 days ago

My new signature shoe the #SPANKYG6 is here!!!!!!!! Check it out people, this is my first @emerica signature skate shoe IN A REALLY LONG TIME and it’s a fucking dream come true! I’ve always been a little freak about the way skate shoes feel and this is the combination of look, feel, and support THAT I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR IN A SHOE SINCE I STARTED SKATING !!! Okay, I love you bye.

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6 days ago

↩️ • • 📹@bigfootlurks

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9 days ago


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11 days ago

It’s a me 📹 @bigfootlurks #RVCAsicilyTour

13109 124
12 days ago

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14 days ago

Dream spots #rvcasicilytour

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