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bigshawn597 days ago

Odell said the same thing in August

Him and Odell are going to be the best WR duo in the league this season!!!

shedd457 days ago

Sterling is nothing without Odell.

_dommazzei_7 days ago

We didn’t sign him to trade him

Obj thought the same thing

tico_227 days ago

Smh trading obj for a cookie 🤦🏽‍♂️

jacob_wwhs7 days ago

So was Odell

mrfitzmagic7 days ago

Imagine being excited to be on the giants

diegoandresxiii7 days ago

The GM gonna trade you in a year

cantblockjp7 days ago

1500+ yds, 14 TDs, 101 Recs

Have fun this year you will most likely be traded after

jdlc5237 days ago

Scary.. next thing you know shep is gone...smh

_marie_bu_l7 days ago

People for the love God, stop it with the Odell comments! Get over it.. he’s gone.. move on! It’s a business.. plus if we’re all honest with ourselves, he didn’t really want to be here.. This organization and culture is not something he fit in with.. now he’s free in Cleveland and we have to move on..

jaydencarter87 days ago

He won’t stay for five years if he gets too good...😅

tico_227 days ago

Smh trading obj for a cookie 🤦🏽‍♂️

roberthundemann7 days ago

"So was Odell" move tf on, that was a month ago

good_ol_erik7 days ago


jordanmcolon7 days ago

Only two left...

ron_neal7 days ago

You’ll be traded next season for a back up center

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17 hours ago

HBD @bjhill5 ! 🎂🎉

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1 day ago

Team player. #GiantsPride

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1 day ago

Just getting started. 📈 #FlexFriday

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2 days ago

O N E week away. #NFLDraft

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2 days ago

We see you @clampz2.0 😤

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2 days ago

When it’s #NationalHighFiveDay 🤚

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