Princess Lily Grumps 👑 @princesslilygrumps

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@princesslilygrumps: lol you just vacuumed this couch, too. #shedgamestrong

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Is she ever not grumpy? 😂❤️

tlwertzo1 day ago

Hi—I have a sweet Chihuahua and a very grumpy Jack Russell-Dachshund mix. So I live in Grumpyland too! I died laughing at this video and I want you to know that I showed it to all 4 of my classes as a stress-buster as we are at the end of the semester!! They loved it!!

rukiashikon4 days ago

Is this cranky bean just all bark and no bite? Or is she actually mean?

_kelleh5 days ago

hello lily you look beautiful and ready to conquer the world today

crislane_passos5 days ago

Kkkk why so angry 😂❤️

ch_er_yl._5 days ago

It’s her couch let her do her. She wants it perfectly furry and you keep ruining it. Rude....she’s so cute and grumpy, like my Cuddles

crssyrd5 days ago

Lily is like mr bubz except Lily is a QUEEN

isalebourlegat5 days ago

I get inspiration from lily when I have to wake up at 5 to drive for an hour to go to work 💕

pumpkin_panda245 days ago

Lmfaoooooo she’s like a little motorcycle engine

_johanac_5 days ago

Translation: “have a beautiful day Momma, I love you too”

It means "I love you" in chihuahua!

ramynntalk4 days ago

I think your dog is broken

traitors_avatar4 days ago

I can only wonder what you did to make it mad, wait, who's that other dog!?

kawaiibabycat5 days ago

Omg I’m in love 🤣🤣🤣💖😍

I love how Stogie just ignores all of this😂-❤️ Yogi

rayboo975 days ago

I'm fucking dead🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Chihuahua Translation “Let me put a hole in your hand”

sondude15 days ago

Have you met @misterbubz ?

armandoelsoler5 days ago

@mandinhamanda she sounds like a Thai moped. The cutest 🤣

yagurlbellamac20 hours ago

@lucydennis77 pearl 😂😂

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1 day ago

U got games on ur phone?

3314 50
4 days ago

Here’s my adoption photo from 4 years ago to remind those who are ~gRaVeLy CoNcErNeD~ about my weight that it has been an ongoing struggle since then and we have had several victories and setbacks. I can happily run, jump, and endure long walks. Please keep your comments to yourself if you’re going to be judgmental. And to everyone who is respectful with their words, or just loves me as I am, THANK YOU.

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5 days ago

lol you just vacuumed this couch, too. #shedgamestrong

4252 116
7 days ago

Which one of us will have the honor of being the first to get our hair on the freshly dry cleaned black blanket? I think it should be me.

2017 18
9 days ago

#tbt this is hanging up in my living room because it’s the cutest thing to ever exist thank you @bassray you are so insanely talented!!

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11 days ago

Clogged arteries, but then make them fashion.

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