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This look so uncomfortable

gabydaoud3 months ago

That doesnt look comfortable at all

micheleastone3 months ago


staehelinpartner3 months ago


farhadeeba69803 months ago

It looks so uncomfortable

rstudioforinterior3 months ago


johnszekely3 months ago

This is not a chair. Pretty sure it 100 percent break if you sat in this 😂. But like it looks cool

decometalsf3 months ago

Hola...😊 Visítanos en @decometalsf o en nuestra web en

jazsony3 months ago



gsdesign193 months ago


clarencealberth3 months ago


morne10223 months ago


andron12873 months ago

Do not setdown😢

b.gerson_espinoza3 months ago


f.o.b.c3 months ago

How to make ppl less comfortable so they set less often:

ambiversion3 months ago

it might look uncomfortable, but i can tell the back angle and seat angle are both designed to be more ergonomic for the body

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