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6 days ago

All the rain has made it gorgeous and green this summer. . . . . . #canyonhikes #mayhemgulchjunipertrail #colorado #getoffthemountainbeforethestorm

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8 days ago

Denver nights.

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9 days ago

When I was a child, I wished for two things on my birthdays: a horse and a sister. . When I was fourteen, my parents bought me a giant thoroughbred named Scout. . And it turns out I had sisters all along. They just happened to live next door. . #wishesreallydocometrue #cakedecoratingwithmysisters #andmyothermamakate

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12 days ago

Last night as I was driving home from the airport the sun was setting over the Rockies. . I watched with a grin cemented on my face. . Some minutes later I realized I had tears gently falling down my cheeks. . What a gift it is to have found a home that can make me feel so much incredible emotion by simply traveling back. . #iwilllovecoloradoforever #grateful #homesweethome #goldenco #photofrommymorninghike #northtablemountain

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14 days ago

I'm in the Bay area for a few days for work. . There's a good chance my colleagues and I won't leave our hotel because the meetings are scheduled so tightly. . So tonight at dinner I scrolled through pictures I've taken on previous trips here so they could at least pretend. . This is the truth of traveling for work. . #butiwilllbesmarterbythursday

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