Shaun Lockyer @shaunlockyer

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doveindustry8 days ago

The David Trubridge pendant lights look great. 👍

brendanbedford8 days ago


Such a wonderful day and thanks to J for modeling and providing a fantastic lunch spread. Shout out to Frankie the dog as well.

mummavov8 days ago

We have a black version of that pendant...

dmm10988 days ago

The joinery colour is spot on.

Love the shadows the DT shades create.

millyandzep8 days ago


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1 day ago

@eddie_lockyer is 18 today and officially an Adult (so we have no more kids 😔). You are such a gorgeous human Ed and we are so proud of who you are and lucky to have you as our son! You are hardworking, funny, self motivated, kind and loving. Good luck for the road ahead, we are loving watching you on your journey 🙏 Love Dad

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