Max Fischer @iamarux • Harz

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germanroamers7 days ago

herrlich harzig

la_nature298 days ago

Wunderschöner Moment💚🔝🔝😍

soffiwolff8 days ago

Amazing 💙

dq_images8 days ago

such a cool view I’m loving the lighting 🙌

justsebbo8 days ago

Der Harz ist einfach nur schön 👌🏻

joernohneb8 days ago

Dieser Nebel, klasse

thomas.frenken8 days ago

traumhaft 👍🏼

pilotviking8 days ago

Amazing 😍👌

themubashirr8 days ago

Dreamy 😍😍😍

ww_w.salima5 days ago


ww_w.salima5 days ago


ww_w.salima5 days ago


patrickpfaff7 days ago

Schönen Gegend die du uns damals gezeigt hast! 💛

parsafiroz13667 days ago

فقط مخاطبم تغییر کرده

severin.borer7 days ago

Great mood

martha.miosga7 days ago

😍 Wunderbar! 👌🏼

asyrafacha7 days ago

Moody iz da

into_theworld7 days ago

Sehr schön 🖤

rschoeni7 days ago

Amazing with the fog!

Perfect reflection 👍👍

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13 days ago

Celestial serenity. The stars have fascinated me since I was a little boy, so I‘m glad to live in one of the least light-polluted areas of Germany. Every year when the nights turn mild and the summer Milky Way paints the night sky, I head out to spend my time among the stars. Currently, you can also spot a very bright object on the southern sky right next to the Scorpio constellation. That’s Jupiter standing in opposition to our sun, shining as one of the brightest celestial bodys right now. #wonderful_places #bestvacations #discoverearth #beautifuldestinations #natureaddict #earthpix #doyoutravel #natgeo #welltravelled #liveauthentic #peoplescreatives #letsgosomewhere #stayandwander #travelling #9gag #l0tsabraids #photography #roamtheplanet #roamtocreate #alifealive #harz #heimatharz #exploreharz #weroamgermany #weroamhome

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