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thanksmorris2 months ago

This is beautiful

lara.cglc2 months ago


linovonderbey2 months ago

Please take a look at my content! YOU'LL LOVE IT 🤙🌊

patrickthunphoto2 months ago

Perfect reflection 👍👍

rschoeni2 months ago

Amazing with the fog!

robinxbenjamin2 months ago

Heftige Stimmung hast du da erwischt 😍

into_theworld2 months ago

Sehr schön 🖤

asyrafacha2 months ago

Moody iz da

martha.miosga2 months ago

😍 Wunderbar! 👌🏼

severin.borer2 months ago

Great mood

germanroamers2 months ago

herrlich harzig

parsafiroz13662 months ago

فقط مخاطبم تغییر کرده

patrickpfaff2 months ago

Schönen Gegend die du uns damals gezeigt hast! 💛

ww_w.salima2 months ago


ww_w.salima2 months ago


ww_w.salima2 months ago


abakar4382 months ago

J 'aime

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7 days ago

A young kamchatka bear taking a peek through the bushes, carefully assessing the situation. These bears are among the largest ones on our planet, so standing only 50 metres away from them was a humbling experience. #bear #russia #kamchatka #wildlife #nature

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8 days ago

Cinder twins. #kamchatka #tolbachik #volcano #russia #stayandwander

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10 days ago

It’s not the most diverse fauna on Kamchatka, but nevertheless it’s a paradise to spot wildlife. This curious, beautiful red fox explored the ash fields close to our campsite on Tolbachik volcano. #fox #redfox #kamchatka #russia #animal #volcano

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11 days ago

Kamchatka is one of the wildest places on our planet. Here you find the highest density of active volcanoes, with 28 of the 160 volcanoes of the peninsula showing volcanic activity. The Tolbachik volcano erupted in 2013 for the last time, forming this gigantic cinder cone. Distantly you see the main peaks of this complex volcano: left, the Ostry Tolbachik, an inactive stratovolcano of 3682m, flanked by Plosky Tolbachik, the active shield volcano at 3065m height. #kamchatka #volcano #kamazing #russia #weroamabroad

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14 days ago

Pretty in pink. It’s not that often that I am that surprised by wildlife in Germany, but when I heard about - and saw - wild flamingos in Northrhine-Westfalia, I definitely was. On that day we decided to spend it among the birds of the Muensterland region, spotting a few storks as well. #muensterland #deinnrw @deinnrw [Ad/Anzeige]

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1 month ago

Wether under a full moon or in the warm light of sunset - the picturesque old town of Freudenberg with its half-timbered houses arranged neatly in medieval symmetry did impress me. Such a cozy place. [Ad/Anzeige] #siegenwittgenstein #deinnrw @deinnrw

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