New Milky Way Experience @newmilkyway • Santa Elena Canyon, Big Bend

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@newmilkyway: “Galactic Tea in the Santa Elena Canyon” Reprocessed shot from April. D850 14mm 1.8 245s/245s/30s person iso-800

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mo.khodajo14 days ago

How is it possible to shot 245 seconds!? Could you explain please!?

sathishr_r14 days ago


Awesome milky way! 😍

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jon_journeys14 days ago

Nice man!! You're killing it lately. Seeing your stuff everywhere

fugitashigueko14 days ago

Amazing view 😍I enjoyed it🙌 a lot

_alone_owl_14 days ago


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saurav.nishant14 days ago

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aaronchulka11 days ago

Gorgeous photo

johnleearmitage14 days ago

@patangs do you follow this account?

philipjbowman13 days ago


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20 hours ago

📷 by @astropolo_ STACKED Southern sky Last weekend I went to Punta Ballena in Uruguay to see if I could shoot the milky way on a bortle 5 zone really close to a city with tons of light pollution. To get this shot I climbed small rocks that were 2 meters inside the water and hoped for small waves and no water on the camera. There is some little bioluminescence visible near the rocks. Fujifilm x-h1 Fujifilm 8-16 2.8 10x30sec 8mm 2.8 1600

1980 8
2 days ago

📷 by @nordsolveig PANO Canon 6D + Sigma 14 mm, f/1.8, ISO 6400, 20 sec. Melbourne, Australia.

2016 11
4 days ago

📷 by @elementalearthphotography STACKED BLEND IG: Watchman Redux- On my recent trip to Zion I told myself I wouldn’t do the now shot to death Watchman. Once you’ve seen that comp you understand the allure but I still wanted something more. I read somewhere you could get a more personal look at Watchman from another spot so I set out to find it. When I saw this gnarled tree, the leading lines and angles and Milk alignment I knew I had something unique and special. I am my own worst critic but the stars really aligned for this one. I shot standard Watchman comp and then hiked up here in the dark with my good pal Smith. The foreground was shot at Blue Hr and blended together with a stacked sky from SLS. Edits in PS. Camera- Sony A7iii Lens- Sony 24mm f/1.4 GM Tripod- Gitzo Traveler EXIF Sky- ISO 10K, f/2.0, 10s x 13 Ground- ISO 800, f/16, 20s

2455 14
10 days ago

📷 by @bundyum STACKED The core of the Milkyway galaxy rises over Bannisters Point, Mollymook Beach, on the south coast of NSW. You can *almost* smell Rick Steins restaurant when shooting here and whilst I love his food, on this particular night this was exactly where I wanted to be. Some shots require lugging gear around the countryside for kilometers - this is not one of those places - the rock shelf is super accessible. If you don't mind standing next to a 20m drop! EXIF Canon 5D Mk IV + EF 16-35 f2.8L III USM 16mm @ f2.8 | 20s | ISO 6400 x 21 light frames + 3 dark frames stacked with SLS

3228 20
12 days ago

🌌 by @cathrinmachin Special feature for Cathrin Machin. Follow her for mind blowing space paintings.

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13 days ago

📷 by @krispy303 TRACKED/BLEND "The Nifty 50" Instagram = Facebook = These two pictures were taken during my last trip in April to the Great Sand Dunes National Park. It was freezing cold, coyotes were howling all night, and I had to hike back up the dunes with all my gear including my tracker. I started around 1am and didn't get even close to the top till about 2am. I didn't make it all the way to the top because I turned around and enjoyed the place I was in. I had this awesome leading dune in front of me for a 20mm track and shoot. Then I noticed right below me a giant dune embankment. I told myself before the sun came up that I needed to go down there and try a 50mm track and shoot. After I finished up my 20mm shoot, I picked up my tripod, tracker, and camera and descended into this sand vortex. I aligned my tracker as quickly as I could. I am super pleased with the results and I think I have fallen in love with my 50mm. Exif. Nikon 50mm Tracker - Sky Watcher Star Adventure (Sky) 237sec, 800ISO, f/4 (Foreground Shot During Blue Hour) 30sec, ISO 100, f/3.2

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