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@thedogist: Brody, Leonberger (2 y/o), Main Street, Falmouth, MA • “He’s a big little dog. Friendly to everyone.”

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mann.lucy6 days ago

I have a leonberger!! In MA!

audbosh6 days ago

Best breed ever!

adicus7266 days ago

I have a Leonberger in Pa. They are the best dogs, giant lap dogs 💕

maddiemahoney6 days ago

@pamcammahoney @billcalzoney @mhmahoney11 @alexandrazmahoney @mrskatiemahoney leos getting the recognition they deserve

mooodyjude6 days ago

@xcrean I want

mitch6496 days ago


aashnalal6 days ago

@carolyn_xu I love him

laura.lee.wu6 days ago


emmaandrsn_6 days ago


saccoolivia6 days ago

@elliesacco remember the leonberger puppies we saw 🐶

emilym_t6 days ago

@zambon_ty I love him

gabicuckovich6 days ago

@d_cuckovich @cucky4 Umiiiiiiiiii

ellietterae6 days ago

@cancelmeouttahere @macauley.joyal wriggs!!

danashmana4 days ago

@boomhauer2022 @driscoll_monica

kff1065 days ago

@krhoruth look now in Falmouth! Should Ella & I go out looking for @thedogist

trottierzz6 days ago

@staubanna leonberger!! “Big little dog”

caroline.prible6 days ago


stephhphillips6 days ago


kimbernstein236 days ago

@melissandrikos he looks like Koby😍

harrycrapo6 days ago

@destinfairman look at this friendly fella

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