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2 months ago

•Fall leaves on temple grounds•👘🏯🍁 . When was the last time you felt free? I was speaking with a friend of mine recently about what freedom means to each of us. I think in many ways we feel trapped in our lives and unable to move and find out who we are and where we want to go. I remember all the way back to when I started going to Landmark and generating a life that I wanted. It all came from the simple thought that became the word that created the action for me to pursue what I'm doing today. I feel in many ways my biggest weakness is myself. However, once I realize that, it makes it that much easier to come to terms and do what's necessary to create the life that I want. I'm very happy and humbled to share this image because of the personal journey I was going through at the time. The moment I looked through my camera eyepiece a wave of tranquility washed over me. I remember thinking to myself "I alone am the definition of who I am". On a side note, do you happen to spot the woman in a kimono walking across the bridge? . 📷 @canonusa 5D Mark IV 🔭 @tamronusa 24-70mm f/2.8 DI VC 📚 1/250 at f/8 on ISO 100 💻 @adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

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2 months ago

•Where the sun sets•👘⛩🌅 . Have you ever felt like it's nearly impossible to make your dreams come true? For myself, it's become an everyday challenge. I try and think of the stories I want to share that inspire me. It's not always easy and there's definitely challenges along the road but it's those challenges that allow me to face my fears and to change my life. Over the past couple years I have had many doubts and I've had many people tell me "no" to my photography career. Yet, it's those moments that I think "okay I'm going to prove you wrong". Traveling around the world to photograph some of these beautiful locations has allowed me to be thankful for those challenges. Including the early morning shoots waking up at 3am to take a taxi to get to the spot and take the shot. Who has told you "no" or challenged you and your career? Share your thoughts and dreams below in the comments. . 📷 @canonusa 5D Mark IV 🔭 @tamronusa 24-70mm f/2.8 DI VC 📚 1/60 at f/4 on ISO 800 💻 @adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

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3 months ago

•10,000 Torii Gates•⛩🌸👘 . Fushimi Inari Taisha (伏見稲荷大社) is the head shrine of the kami Inari, located in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto,  Japan. The shrine sits at the base of a mountain also named Inari which is 233 metres (764 ft) above sea level, and includes trails up the mountain to many smaller shrines which span about 2.5 miles and can take approximately 2 hours to walk. The highlight of the shrine is the rows of torii gates, known as Senbon torii. The custom to donate a torii started to spread since the Edo period (1603 – 1868) to get a wish to become true or to thank for a wish that became true. Along the main path there are around 1,000 torii gates. Since this is one of the most iconic spots in Japan, which photo do feel is the most iconic shot? Let me know in the comments below. . 📷 @canonusa 5D Mark IV 🔭 @tamronusa 24-70mm f/2.8 DI VC 📚 1/1000 at f/2.8 on ISO 100 💻 @adobe Lightroom & Photoshop . . . . . #beautifuldestinations  #lensbible  #folkvibe  #shotzdelight  #earthfocus  #earthofficial  #discoverearth  #voyaged  #depthofearth  #earth  #lifeofadventure  #folkcreative  #depthobsessed  #artofvisuals  #moodygrams  #hubs_united  #superhubs  #skysupply  #ourmoodydays  #igworldclub  #folkscenery  #folkgreen  #hubs_united  #AGameOfTones  #dscvr_earth  #ournaturedays  #visualsofearth  #folkgood   #TeamCanon #canon_photos

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3 months ago

•Hand in hand•👫🌸⛩ . I don't always plan my photos, so once in a while I'll end up capturing a shot that I didn't expect. While walking through Kyoto there are so many couples in kimonos that you end up just taking photos randomly. This young couple was walking down the street as I was walking out of a restaurant I just ate at. Nothing really spectacular but I like the composition and how it feels historic yet retro urban with the neon lighting. Stay hungry for the next instagram banger shot. . See you behind the lens. . . . . . #portraits_mf  #moodyports #aovportraits  #portraitpage #portraitgame  #portraitshared #moodygrams  #ourmoodydays #shotzdelight  #shotzports #portraitvision  #moodyportraits #kdpeoplegallery #creative_portraits #pursuitofportraits #bravogreatphoto #yourvisiongallery #passionpassport  #voyaged #artofvisuals  #majestic_people #ftwwne  #portraitmood #globe_people  #yourvisiongallery #visualmasterz  #weekly_feature #igworldclub

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3 months ago

•Clear blue mountain skies•🌸🏔☁️ . Upon a late arriving to Kawaguchiko the weather was spectacular but I was so exhausted from the 8 hour bus ride from Tokyo I decided to go to sleep and wake up early. Unfortunatly, on the first day it rained so much that I wasn't able to get any of the photos that I was looking to capture, say for a couple moody shots of Mount Fuji. On the second day I was presented with nothing but a beautiful blue sky. With no clouds in sight I hopped over to Lake kawaguchiko and snapped a couple beautiful shots of the cherry blossoms and of Mount Fuji. I walked around the lake for several hours and couldn't help but take in the beauty and awe of the cherry blossom season. For anyone visiting the area there is a really cool European style town called "Kawaguchiko music forest museum". If you have the time while visiting Mount Fuji to check this small European Village out I would highly suggest doing so. It's pretty much like stepping back in time but on a completely different continent. Also their shows/events are one of the best things that I can remember while visiting Japan. . See you behind the lens . . . . . #beautifuldestinations  #lensbible  #folkvibe  #shotzdelight  #earthfocus  #earthofficial  #discoverearth  #voyaged  #depthofearth  #earth  #lifeofadventure  #folkcreative  #depthobsessed  #artofvisuals  #moodygrams  #hubs_united  #superhubs  #skysupply  #ourmoodydays  #igworldclub  #folkscenery  #folkgreen  #hubs_united  #AGameOfTones  #dscvr_earth  #ournaturedays  #visualsofearth  #folkgood  #TeamCanon #canon_photos

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3 months ago

•Walk in the park•🌸🏯👫 . While walking around gion you can't help but try to capture a photo of couples dressed in these beautiful kimonos. For the most part, as long as you ask people politely they will allow you to take their photo. This couple was kind enough to allow me to capture a couple shots of them posing in front of the cherry blossoms. Although I do like some posed shots I feel capturing people in the moment unexpectedly leads to the best photos. . See you behind the lens. . . . . . #portraits_mf #aovportraits #portraitpage #moodygrams #ourmoodydays #postthepeople #shotzports #portraitvision #TeamCanon  #CanonFanPhoto  #canon_photos #Instagramjapan #pics_jp #RECO_ig #japantrip #ilovejapan #ig_japan #team_jp #visitjapan #igersjapan #instagramjapan #visitjapanau #japanrevealed #japan_vacations #japan_photo_now #土曜日の小旅行 #art_of_japan #photo_shorttrip #retrip_nippon #explorejapan

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3 months ago

•Searching for the best Ramen•🌸🍜🍺 . It seemed like everywhere you looked in Tokyo people were running around and scrambling to find their next destination. While moving through the streets of Omoide I found that everybody was searching for tastiest most delicious Ramen they could get their hands on. There's not much seating in this small corridor but that didnt seem to deter guests or locals from grabbing a quick bite. I have to admit it took me about 20 minutes just walking around to find the restaurant I wanted because everything looks so appetizing. I feel that no matter where you go in Japan you're always going to find a great local ramen shop, yet, I found a pretty tasty local spot on the right side of the first shot. See if you can find it! . See you behind the lens. . . . . . #TeamCanon #CanonFanPhoto  #way2ill #agameoftones #HeaterCentral #visualcreators #createcommune #fatalframes #moodygrams  #all2epic #ourmoodydays #VisualAmbassadors #instagramjapan #pics_jp #team_jp_ #unknownjapan #RECO_ig #japantrip #ig_japan #visitjapan #instagramjapan #visitjapanau #japanrevealed #japan_vacations #土曜日の小旅行 #retrip_nippon #explorejapan

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3 months ago

•Wanchan•🐶🏯🌸 . I had so much fun taking photos of this Shiba dog while in front of Ōkunitama Shrine. 大國魂神社 Ōkunitama Jinja is a shrine located in Fuchū, Tokyo Japan. Six different shrines in Musashi province were consolidated and their gods enshrined here. Ōkunitama is now known as one of the five major shrines in Tokyo, the others being the Tokyo Great Shrine, Yasukuni Shrine, Hie Shrine and Meiji Shrine. The main shrine is dedicated to Ōkuninushi. While the main shrine is also an amalgamation of branches of the six main shrines from around Musashi Province: In addition, the main shrine complex is surrounded by seven smaller subsidiary shrines. These are Matsuo Shrine, Tatsumi Shrine, Tōshōguu Shrine, Sumiyoshi Shrine, Ōwashi Shrine, Miyanome Shrine and an Inari shrine. There is also a sumo ring and Russo-Japanese War memorial, as well as the remains of the former Musashi provincial office. Hope the history lesson was fun! . I'll see you behind the lens.

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3 months ago

•The emperor has arrived•⛩🐉🏯 . During my three week stay in Japan I had grey clouds throughout the entire time visiting Tokyo. Although it wasnt the most picturesque time to shoot, I still wanted to challenge myself and create some moody shots. I walked around the palace ground and garden for about an hour looking for shots. I didnt find anythi g in particular that stuck my creative juices. Yet, as I was walking g out of the palace I snapped this shot of the palace guard tower. I felt this was the best shot for representing the palace. Also, I tried a new post production process on this shot. Let me know what you think.

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3 months ago

•All aboard!•🌸🚄🌸 . The shot was actually not planned or on the radar while visiting Tokyo. I ended up meeting some friends over in the southern part of Tokyo after a night on the town, karaoke, drinks and of course epic Japanese food. We celebrated all night but woke to a beautiful day so we decided to walk around the local park and river. I can hear trains Whistle by on and off throughout the area but didn't think anything of it. We arrived at the nearby station and was told the trains in this have a very special design. I thought something crazy like an all pink or cherry blossom train but was informed it had a picture of a giraffe on the side. My friend suggested that we walk to a certain section of the park to photograph through the cherry blossoms and see what it looked like. The train runs each way every 15 minutes so you have to pretty much wait at the same spot with your camera ready as the train passes by. On my third, try after failing to get the main train car in frame for almost 45 minutes, I finally got this shot. I took several other photos of trains but really enjoyed trying to capture this shot. I have to say that the adventure of getting the photo for me is more thrilling than actually getting the shot itself. There's something about the chase in trying to get that photo and sometimes failing to get the shot that keeps you hungry and wanting to shoot more. Had a great time getting this photo and couldn't be happier with my spectacular friend and guide Natsuho. . See you behind the lens!

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3 months ago

•Mortal Kombat•🥋💥🐲 . I really ever get photos of me but while visiting this place in Tokyo it look just like the opening sequence of Mortal Kombat and I had to get a shot. After trying a couple poses and a few looks, I ended up with this shot of me standing in the center with my arms crossed. It doesn't look like a very inviting photo but I wanted to try something a little bit different from my typical landscape and Wildlife photos. This is also an Instagram shot that I've seen many people shoot and it was fun to hunt this place down. I didn't put it in the location because I didn't want it to be tagged anymore than it already was. There are plenty of photographers around the area snapping photos. I was actually told that I'm not allowed to use my professional camera at this location because they've had so many tourists come here and block the entrance to get this shot. As the rise of social media starts to take over things you can definitely see the impacts on local communities and businesses that have never had this much traffic but now have an overload of photographers and people at these sites. I may have followed in the footsteps of other photographers to find this location but with respect to the business I wanted to keep the location hidden. Last but not least I also wanted to thank the fellow photographer nick who snapped this photo of me and my friend Natsuho who guided me to this location. . See you behind the lens!

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3 months ago

•Ride with us•🌸⛩👘 . No matter where you were in Japan cherry blossom season seems to bring out tow things: kimonos and couples. It was absolutely spectacular to see everybody out in those beautiful kimonos (着物) that have been a tradition in Japan for thousands of years. Coming from a western culture where it's basically a white T-shirt with a brand on the front, kimonos have these beautiful fine details that almost seem like pieces of art. While attending University in 2011, I had the opportunity to wear a Yukata (浴衣) which is a lighter summer version of a kimono during my graduation celebration. Just the time it took to put on the obi and make sure all the material was placed appropriately and everything fit took time, dedication and skill. In some ways, the old traditions seem to be dying out with this new generation. However, with social media influence I think this type of clothing is coming back to the mainstream public. I feel it's perfect addition to an already beautiful season in Japan. Having the opportunity to walk around and photograph the different types of kimonos is an amazing experience. On a side note, I didn't have the opportunity to ride the rickshaw in this photo...However, that just means that I have to come back to Japan and experience it firsthand. . See you behind the lens!

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3 months ago

•Shadows of Mt. Fuji•🗻🌌⛩ . Even though I was photographing Mount Fuji during the cherry blossom season I feel this shot conveys the mood of the mountain. There are times when you go to photograph and you have a certain shot in your mind that you want to get. I really wanted to capture the beauty and the awesome power of Mount Fuji so I decided to capture the top of the mountain as the wind whipped over the snow covered peak. One of my local friends mention that if there is a small halo cloud over Mount Fuji it means it will rain a little bit during that day. However, if there is a large halo cloud over Mount Fuji that means it will rain very hard later in the day. I hope that one day I will be able to have that deep of a connection with the area that I live in when I decide to settle down. Happy earth day! . See you behind the lens! . 📷 @canonusa 5D Mark IV 🔭 Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 II L 📚 1/200 at f/5.6 on ISO 100 💻 @adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

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4 months ago

•Picture perfect Japan•⛩🌸👘 . When was the last time you saw somebody laugh uncontrollably? Well for this young lady it was during her photoshoot in Kyoto. No matter how hard the photographer tried to keep her calm she continuously burst out laughing. It was pretty infectious most of the people walking around the area started laughing as well. It was a welcome change from the serious-minded photographers trying to capture the cherry blossoms. I enjoy moments like this where you have opportunities to have genuine connections with your models and with other people while just trying to create some photography magic. This shot was from last year in Kyoto. I didnt get the chance to travel south this year so instead I went up north to Akita. It was cold and many of the Sakura were not around yet, but the sights were spectacular. Look forward to sharing the rest of the shots with you all. I'll see you behind the lens! . 📷 @canonusa 5D Mark IV 🔭 @tamronusa 24-70mm f/2.8 DI VC 📚 1/400 at f/4 on ISO 100 💻 @adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

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4 months ago

•Slip stream in time•🚄🌌⛩ . The shot was taken while I was traveling on one of the trains in Tokyo. Although it's not one of the cherry blossom shots I really enjoyed trying to capture this shot. No matter where you go in Tokyo it almost feels futuristic in some way shape or form. I really like how it seems to pull you into this time travel vortex. Look forward to sharing the adventures in Japan. . 📷@canonusa 5D Mark IV 🔭@tamronusa 24-70mm f/2.8 DI VC 📚1/20 at f/16 on ISO 100 💻 @Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

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4 months ago

• A walk through the park•🌸🏯🧘‍♂️ . I used to attending Kwansei Gakuin University in Osaka, Japan back in 2011. I was very fortunate to be able to attend this school because a friend of mine helped me through some of the rigorous exams I needed to pass an order to show that I could speak Japanese well enough to attend the University. On March 11th, 2011 the island of Japan was devastated by the Sendai earthquake and tsunami. Fukushima Dainichi seem to be an unstable kettlepot and everyone told me to come back to the US. I managed to ride through the earthquake and stuck around through the year to finish my study abroad program. When I first arrived in Japan the cultural and language barrier were very difficult for me. I used to go to Osaka Castle and walk around and just try to listen to conversations and learn. Whenever I would have a good day at school I would go visit the castle and walk around. Whenever I would have a bad day at school or things would be difficult I would still go to the same location. Osaka Castle has always had a special place in my heart no matter how the day went. There's something about the energy of this location that every time I came here I always felt at peace. . 📷@canonusa 5D Mark IV 🔭@tamronusa 24-70mm f/2.8 DI VC 📚1/500 at f/2.8 on ISO 100 🛠@manfrottoimaginemore tripod 💻@adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

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4 months ago

•Underneath the cherry blossoms•🚕❄🌸 . This was just a quick snap I managed to grab before making my way to Chidorigafuchi Park. I loved the colors of the taxi against the grey and dull city background with the sakura. Not every shot can become a banger but sometimes it's those shots that are unexpected that turn out the best. . 📷 @canonusa 5D Mark IV 🔭 @tamronusa 24-70mm f/2.8 DI VC 📚 1/400 at f/8 on ISO 250 💻 @adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

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4 months ago

•Which rabbit hole to choose?•🌈🐇🏢 . I've seen this post everywhere online and I thought it would be kind of fun to go ahead and see if I could find it and Japan. It took a little bit of time but with some help from a local friend I was able to find it. It's actually an apartment complex that is currently guarded now from photographers. Since this location has become more and more popular in Japan they have stepped up security and unfortunately don't allow anybody who isn't a resident to enter the facility. However if you do have friends there or if you can sneak in then you can grab a quick shot at this place. On a side note, I tried uploading these posts over the past three days and for some reason the internet has not been weird so my posts stay in the "not posted yet" section of Instagram. I apologize for not posting all these shots sooner. It's been pretty annoying with Instagram but I'll be sure to go ahead and begin to post all of the beautiful Sakura shots this week. . 📷 Canon 5D Mark IV 🔭 @tamronusa 24-70mm f/2.8 DI VC 📚 1/60 at f/8 on ISO 100 🛠 @manfrottoimaginemore tripod 💻 Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

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