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13 minutes ago

Lesser known fact: I was born, raised and currently based in @sydney (and am not Japanese). . Had a lot of fun playing tourist showing @yako_flpr3 around town. Finally got around to shooting some of the Sydney classics.

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1 day ago

Looks kinda like a “hold my beer” situation.

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2 days ago

New York Nostalgia.

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3 days ago

New York, New Yawk.

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4 days ago


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7 days ago

l o s t.

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8 days ago

Adobe Collab Project! I’ve teamed up with @tk_north for @adobecreativecloud #AdobexMadeHere project! . We’re each picking a photograph from each other and bringing it to life through a motion & video piece. . I’ve chosen his Shinjuku station shot. Over the next few weeks on Instagram stories I’ll be showing my process on how I’ll make a cinemagraph of it (infinite looping salaryman entering the station). . See my story tonight for the first part (the raw unedited footage that I’ll be working with). . #AdobePartner

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9 days ago

In the mood for love (2000). @tonyayty

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10 days ago

All of mans problems arise because he cannot sit by himself in a room for 30 minutes.

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11 days ago

All flight are cancelled ft. @yojeddy

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15 days ago

Peak hour pan. . Photos were shot in camera: ISO125, f/1.4, 1/30s on 85mm lens . Pretty stoked with how sharp the details of the train and people inside the carriages turned out. . #streetclassics #discovertokyo #canonaustralia

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16 days ago

Oh yeah, I was in sunny Mykonos a few weeks ago with legends @adrian_emerton & @jonagrey. . So many flights and things have happened since then I almost forgot. I need to write a short recap post on my blog to keep track of everything. . Anything you wanna know or hear about in particular? That’ll be up soon ➡️ Link in bio.

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