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Architect | Designer | Woodworker | Photographer I create hand-made furniture and accessories in contemporary design. Orders 📩

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@jb_design_architecture photos and videos

2 days ago

Sea clock in dark Khaya wood.

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4 days ago

H-chair | American Walnut

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4 days ago

H-chair l Sapeli wood

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6 days ago

Rainy day, but great for photo session ☂️

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7 days ago

I am so in love with this Walnut 😍

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11 days ago

It’s nice when customers entrust you with some experimentation and you can update your old design. | Crater bowl set made from European and American Walnut.

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13 days ago

Car shifter made by Miha @_straxer from Walnut root wood. This grain is amazing. 🕹

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16 days ago

After some use and tests the results are great. Actually my first chair prototype that don’t need any corrections. Next step is ottoman, and is already in the workshop. 👌🏼

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17 days ago

Tjaša @asajtsur and I together with company Boxmark will be presenting this Alluse Armchair and whole Alluse collection at this year INDEX in Dubai. “Launched in 1990, INDEX is the Middle East & North Africa’s largest gathering for the design community.”

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21 days ago

New Sea clock with Oak wood.

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28 days ago

Side 👀| Y lounge chair.

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1 month ago

First prototype of Y lounge chair. I think it came out really well.

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1 month ago

I wanted to do a Solzica in black edition for a long time. Last week I managed to dip one in to indigo stain. Bird is made out of Ash wood. ⚫️What are your thoughts?

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1 month ago

Stand-alone Sea clock. 🌊

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1 month ago

When life gives you a lemon tree, go and make a cuttingboard, table, chair, knife, and you have a nice photo. 🍋🤷🏻‍♂️

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1 month ago

Another beauty ready to chop onions. 🔪

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1 month ago

Watcbox no. V | best part of custom work is the personalization and creating a piece that may last a lifetime.

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1 month ago

Sometimes it feels good to take a break and make a small project like this cutting board.

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