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Architect | Designer | Woodworker | Photographer I design and make handmade furniture and home accessories. 🌳

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@jb_design_architecture photos and videos

1 day ago

After three weeks of hard work our pavillion is finally finished. Now let’s cross our fingers and hope we win 🤞🏻

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10 days ago

Best of Shanghai’s architecture. A big dose of inspiration. I can’t wait to get back to the studio.

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12 days ago

Just before I departured for China, I made this special box for vine glasses storage on sailboat. I think it will be a perfect wedding gift. ⛵️

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21 days ago

Alluse Table designed by @asajtsur and me. This is how it looks from second angle. The form is the same as Armchair.

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24 days ago

This is Alluse Table. Designed by @asajtsur and me and will be a part of Alluse collection. It is very unique coffe table since it looks different from every angle. It is made from Teak wood, stainless steel and glass. It will be presented at Index in Dubai (@indexdubai) this September 🙌🏻

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27 days ago

I am really excited to show you a video about my work. It has been in the works for some time, but I think it was worth it. Thank you @aljazhabot for amazing work! Link to full video is in my bio. 🎥

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28 days ago

Another angle of Y-lounge set. | Made from White Oak 🌳

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1 month ago

One of the last steps in the process of making a piece is branding. @portraits.by.katja captured me heating the brand with blow torch. 🔥

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1 month ago

XX coffee table | Oak + glass + aluminium. | I almost forgot how difficult is this design to make 😅

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1 month ago

Since this is my 200th post I decided to do a giveaway. Write in coments which color of Solzica birdhouse do you prefer and tag three friends to give yourself a chance to win a Solzica in your desired color. Color can be BLACK or NATURAL. Winner will be announced on 21/7/2019. Good luck 🍀🕊

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1 month ago

It is one year since my Bivalvia chair was featured in no. 70 edition of Wood Planet magazine. I can’t believe how quickly time flies by.

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1 month ago

Finished in time for summer reading on terrace. Y-lounge set

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1 month ago

Finally, the finished set of Y-lounge chair and Y-ottoman. 🙏🏻

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1 month ago

I was given free hand on this custom handbag design. Last week I was listening to a lecture about beekeeping. I don't have to say I was inspired about honeycomb right? 😅 And this bag is made out of 218 Walnut pieces 🤯

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1 month ago

Making the precise and clean joints is the most important step when making a chair. Here you can see the step of test assembly before glue up of front legs for latest Sapeli H-chair. 👌🏼

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1 month ago

The grain in this Sapeli wood is just crazy. | H-chair

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1 month ago

Back to black. Solzica birdhouse stained with indigo stain. ⚫️🔵

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2 months ago

Sketching is a critical way through which I express and explore ideas during concept design ideation. This is why sketching acts as an important scaffold for reasoning between design problems and their potential solutions. Photos by @portraits.by.katja

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