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3 hours ago

No, it’s not an editing wonder: what you see is totally real. Lake Hillier, also known as the pink lake, is literally a one-of-a-kind location. 📷: @thurstonphoto

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1 day ago

Still in doubt about your next destination? Well, here’s what you have to do: book a flight to Patagonia, pack your gear and your Befree GT Carbon and get ready to leave. Trust us: you’ won’t regret it. 📷: @pie_aerts

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2 days ago

Patagonia is a must-see place if you’re a creator: words can’t describe how stunning it is. Be inspired by its amazing landscapes and rely on our Befree GT Carbon to take home some great images. 📷: @pie_aerts

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3 days ago

In a place like Patagonia you’ll be enchanted by the amazing landscape and colors of the country and by its unique wildlife. 📷: @pie_aerts

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6 days ago

Tuscany countryside is the perfect destination for a creation-oriented journey. You will need a tripod that combines sturdiness and lightness. Our Befree GT Carbon will be your best travel companion. 📷: @giuliogroebert

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7 days ago

Nature, amazing food, nice people and stunning cities. Everything you see in Tuscany, Italy will make you say “bellissimo.” 📷: @giuliogroebert

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8 days ago

Italy is one of those countries where you find a photo opportunity at every corner. It’s a must-visit place for every creator. 📷: @giuliogroebert

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9 days ago

Things to do when you’re in Reykjavik: pack your gear into a comfortable RedBee-110, go to the beach and be inspired by the great landscape. 📷: @directionless_donna

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10 days ago

One of the best things you’ll be able to capture in Iceland are the amazing midnight sunsets. They’re almost surreal, but they will give you some really unique vibes. 📷: @directionless_donna

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13 days ago

Iceland is not only about Northern Lights. You will find some really unexpected spots to capture even during the day and take home some great shots. 📷: @directionless_donna

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14 days ago

“My time in Taiwan was incredible: I’ll be looking forward to returning to this amazing country for its lively metropolitan, stunning nature and friendly people.” 📷: @chandler_borries

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15 days ago

If you are in Taipei, you have to know that night is not made to sleep there: when the sun goes down the city lights up, giving you the chance to create some really cool street photographies. 📷: @chandler_borries

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