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6 hours ago

What a week! We’re extremely honoured that MPavilion 2018 by Carme Pinós is a Gold Winner of the Good Design Award in the Architectural Urban category. 💫 Fans of the 2018 MPavilion, stay tuned for the announcement of its relocation details! @gooddesignaus #MPavilion2018 #estudiocarmepin ós Image credits: 1. John Gollings 2. Alan Weedon 3. John Gollings

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5 days ago

‘And as he drew, it struck him. Past and present were coalescing. The pavilion he was drawing was resembling an aircraft wing. The platform was like a tablecloth laid on grass, only transported to Queen Victoria Gardens’. Thanks to Ray Edgar, @theageaustralia for his beautifully poignant write-up of Glenn Murcutt and his design for MPavilion 2019. Read the full story in The Age.

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6 days ago

MPavilion by Glenn Murcutt AO opens in the Queen Victoria Gardens from November 14, 2019. . View the full video and interview with Glenn on our website 👉#linkinbio #MPavilion2019 #GlennMurcutt

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6 days ago

Big news! We couldn’t be more excited to unveil MPavilion 2019 — this year designed by Australia’s only Pritzker Architecture Prize laureate, Glenn Murcutt AO. The refined, minimal design reflects Murcutt’s significant contribution to climate-responsive architecture. Commenting on his MPavilion design, Glenn Murcutt AO said: “The MPavilion design is a crisp white building that will be lit at night like a lantern, giving the pavilion a feeling of lightness. For me it was central to establish a sense of ‘place’ for visitors—to view from within the building, the gardens, the river, and the city.” MPavilion by Glenn Murcutt AO opens in the Queen Victoria Gardens, Melbourne on November 14, 2019. . #MPavilion2019 #GlennMurcutt . Image credits: 1: Sketch by Glenn Murcutt 2: Sketch by Glenn Murcutt 3: Image by Imageplay 4: Sketch by Glenn Murcutt 5: Sketch by Glenn Murcutt 6: Render by Two Feathers

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13 days ago

Opening tomorrow with free entry made possible by the Naomi Milgrom Foundation, 'William Kentridge: That which we do not remember’ at @agsa.adelaide is an acclaimed celebration of the South African artist’s multidisciplinary career. Supported by the NMF, the exhibition is curated by the artist at Naomi’s invitation, and features many works lent from Naomi’s collection. . This weekend, performance artist Joanna Dudley will perform ‘The Guided Tour of the Exhibition: For Soprano and Handbag’ inside the gallery. William explains, "One can think of performance as kind of a moving kinetic sculpture, in which the movement of the performer is a vital part." . Visit #WilliamKentridge . 'Tableau des Finances et du Commerce de la partie Francois de S.Domingue', 2011. Naomi Milgrom Collection.

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13 days ago

We are very excited to share the news that MPavilion 2018 designed by Carme Pinós has been shortlisted by the @worldarchfest awards in the Completed Buildings - Culture category! #WAF #architecture #MPavilion

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20 days ago

‘William Kentridge: That which we do not remember’ opens 6 July at @agsa.adelaide , supported by the Naomi Milgrom Foundation. In an Australian first, internationally acclaimed performance artist Joanna Dudley will perform The Guided Tour of the Exhibition: For Soprano and Handbag’ from within the exhibition space. This anarchic and expansive performance was developed by Joanna and William over a six-year period and will be performed five times over the opening weekend. . Joanna says, “My role is to reach outside the frame and bring the audience in, helping to connect them to William’s visual world.” . Entry to the exhibition is free, made possible by the NMF, principal patron and lender. Visit . Detail: ‘Drawing for Stereoscope – Soho at desk on Telephone', 1998. Naomi Milgrom Collection.

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1 month ago

Game-changers, we want you: Your last chance to be part of the MPavilion 2019 season of free events is here! Expressions of interest close this Monday 17 June, 5pm. If you have an idea for a talk, workshop, performance, installation or intervention at #MPavilion , get your application in this minute. Visit for info and submission forms #yourcity

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1 month ago

Sydney, the Living Cities Forum 2019 arrives on Tuesday and there are only 20 tickets left! Don’t miss out—book now at and see why our cohort of international architects and urban design thinkers has been making headlines and trending on Twitter #LivingCities19 #FutureNeeds . Photos: 1. Glenn Murcutt AO’s Magney House, Bingie Point by Anthony Browell. 2. Cover of Mabel O. Wilson’s 2016 book, ‘Begin With the Past’. 3. all(zone) ltd’s ‘the lighthouse’. Photo courtesy of all(zone).

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1 month ago

For your weekend listening, @abcradionational has released a special recording live from Thursday's Living Cities Forum in Melbourne. Blueprint for Living captured presentations by Glenn Murcutt AO, Mabel O. Wilson and Christopher Hawthorne, with more recordings to come. Enjoy on the Radio National podcast and over at 🎧 #LivingCities19 #FutureNeeds . Photos: 1. Mabel O. Wilson's Memorial to Enslaved Laborers, University of Virginia. Render courtesy of Studio And. 2. Glenn Murcutt AO's Simpson Lee House. Photo by Anthony Browell. 3. LA River Project. Photo courtesy of City of LA.

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1 month ago

“One of the most important things to me in practice has always been to do ordinary things, extraordinarily well.” — Glenn Murcutt AO in conversation at yesterday’s Living Cities Forum Melbourne. For more insights on our theme Future Needs featuring our internationally-renowned speakers, you can still catch the Sydney edition on May 28 at @carriageworks. Tickets available via #livingcities19 . . 📷 1-4: Timothy Burgess 5-6: @assemblepapers

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1 month ago

Rise and shine, it's time for the Living Cities Forum 2019 at Deakin Edge @fed.square. Our wonderful volunteers are ready to check you in from 8am ☀️ #LivingCities19 #FutureNeeds

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1 month ago

Issue #11 of @assemblepapers is here, and timed with the Living Cities Forum 2019, it’s all about the culture of living closer together. Featuring an interview with @nmf_au and @mpavilion founder Naomi Milgrom AO on nurturing collective creativity, it’s a must read! You can pick up a free copy at the Living Cities Forum in Melbourne tomorrow and in Sydney on Tuesday. Thanks to Jana Perkovic for the thoughtful words. . Photos: 4. #MPavilion 2018 by Marie Luise. 5. Naomi Milgrom AO by Steven Chee. . #LivingCities19 #FutureNeeds #AssemblePapers

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2 months ago

SELLING FAST! The Living Cities Forum 2019 lands in Melbourne on 23 May, and Sydney on 28 May, with a line-up of world-renowned architects and urban design thinkers exploring the #FutureNeeds of our cities. Book now at Gathering for the visionary symposium are Australia’s only Pritzker Architecture Prize laureate Glenn Murcutt AO; New York-based cultural historian and designer Mabel O. Wilson; Los Angeles’ chief design officer Christopher Hawthorne; Bangkok-based architect Rachaporn Choochuey; London-based architect Adrian Lahoud, and Paris-based landscape architect Catherine Mosbach. Don’t miss out! #LivingCities19

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2 months ago

Meet Catherine Mosbach, an award-winning Paris-based landscape architect designing for collective experience. Catherine joins us at the Living Cities Forum 2019 in Melbourne and Sydney. Book now at . Catherine established her design firm, mosbach paysagiste, in 1987. Projects include the Louvre Lens Museum Park in northern France, the Botanical Garden of Bordeaux, and the Place de la Republic in Paris. Catherine is renowned for work that attests to temporality and continuing change. Read more about Catherine and our 2019 cohort of architects and urban design thinkers at . #LivingCities19 #CatherineMosbach

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2 months ago

Read all about it: Our 2019 cohort of international speakers for the Living Cities Forum has been making headlines! Don't miss Glenn Murcutt AO, Mabel O. Wilson, Christopher Hawthorne and more exploring the #FutureNeeds of our cities in Mel—23 May, and Syd—28 May. Book now at . View a media wrap at . #LivingCities19

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2 months ago

William Kentridge’s highly celebrated ‘That which we do not remember’ exhibition travels to the Art Gallery of South Australia @agsa.adelaide , opening 6 Jul – 8 Sep 2019. Supported by the Naomi Milgrom Foundation, principal exhibition patron and lender, the exhibition is curated by the multidisciplinary South African artist at Naomi’s invitation, and features many works lent from Naomi’s collection. Don’t miss it! For more info visit . . Above: Self-Portrait, 1998, charcoal and watercolour on found pages, 31 x 44 cm; Collection of Naomi Milgrom, AO Below: Eight Figures, 2010, poster paint, charcoal, coloured pencil and pastel on paper, 107.5 x 207 cm; Collection of Naomi Milgrom, AO Photos: Christian Capurro © William Kentridge . #WilliamKentridge #Thatwhichwedonotremember

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2 months ago

Our @MPavilion 2015 architect @amandalevetearchitects has been shortlisted for the Powerhouse Precinct at Parramatta @maasmuseum , with a jury chaired by Naomi Milgrom AO. . Naomi said: "This project’s success depends on having faith in creative talent and we achieved our aim: a shortlist strong in fascinating and new collaborations that showed the project’s Australian and international reach." . Read up on @architectsjrnl 👈

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