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9 days ago

#TitanUp ⚔️

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1 month ago

Every failure I’ve had has made me stronger. It’s a lesson learned and the hunger I have to be better for my teammates for myself and for the city! Must be patient tho get a little rest and then get after it like I’ve never done before! I just wanna go back to the Super Bowl more than ever.

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1 month ago


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1 month ago

Stars are out tonight 💫 @richgodxx @moxieedstylings

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1 month ago

What’s good people! Join my friends @courtneyluxe and @charissemilano at @40zandwaffles tomorrow! The next stop on their tour is ATL and it’s always a vibe make sure you check it out!!!!

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1 month ago

Contain the excitement... Yea right. #Bout2Blow #SBLIIICountdown

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1 month ago

Waited too long to not take advantage.

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2 months ago

‪Communication is one of the biggest keys to success! Talking to the young King 👑 @samysosa_3 ab a victory! The 🐐 GZ brought it to fruition! #Ramily

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2 months ago

Today my youngest turns 4‼️ You love to see the process of the Prince turning into a young King 👑 My son is laid back and is all ab having a good time lol So we’ll do it big for the coolest kid in the Valley! (Everybody knows it’s true haha) #QuatroIsQuatro #RPSIV

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2 months ago

Gotta show out for my biggest fans tonight 😤😤😤 #WhoSaidWeCouldnt #LARams #pLAyoffs

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2 months ago

BUILT DIFFERENT. Coming 🔜 2K19 #LARams

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2 months ago

Happy New Year!

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2 months ago

Finishing my 9th regular season strong! 💪🏾😤💯 #Another16 #Blessed

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2 months ago

We Came To Work Today. #WEnotME #LARams

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3 months ago

#MyCauseMyCleats @bbbsamerica I believe that’s it’s extremely important to invest in the future and mentor our youth! I’m honored to wear these cleats today and hope you can join this cause as well! #GameDay #LARams #SNF

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3 months ago

Follow the DRIP.

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3 months ago

Vote for me and all your favorite @rams players for the #ProBowl there is still time! Put in your #ProBowlVote at Tell your whole family and all your friends to do the same 😂🤣😭

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3 months ago

Hello victory Monday that you?.... My bad it’s Champion Monday! Lol 👑

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