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13 days ago

Happy Mother’s Day to @asiasaffold who has gone above and beyond her duties as a mother! Birthdays, holidays, and big moments have always been made extremely special to our children and the memories have been etched in all of our brains. The long days long nights and completely full weekends with me at work haven’t gone unnoticed. Thank you for being the mother they need and the mother they want! Love you ♥️ #FunTimesAhead #Wifey #TheStandard

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2 months ago

#TitanUp ⚔️

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3 months ago

Every failure I’ve had has made me stronger. It’s a lesson learned and the hunger I have to be better for my teammates for myself and for the city! Must be patient tho get a little rest and then get after it like I’ve never done before! I just wanna go back to the Super Bowl more than ever.

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3 months ago


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3 months ago

Stars are out tonight 💫 @richgodxx @moxieedstylings

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3 months ago

What’s good people! Join my friends @courtneyluxe and @charissemilano at @40zandwaffles tomorrow! The next stop on their tour is ATL and it’s always a vibe make sure you check it out!!!!

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3 months ago

Contain the excitement... Yea right. #Bout2Blow #SBLIIICountdown

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3 months ago

Waited too long to not take advantage.

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4 months ago

‪Communication is one of the biggest keys to success! Talking to the young King 👑 @samysosa_3 ab a victory! The 🐐 GZ brought it to fruition! #Ramily

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4 months ago

Today my youngest turns 4‼️ You love to see the process of the Prince turning into a young King 👑 My son is laid back and is all ab having a good time lol So we’ll do it big for the coolest kid in the Valley! (Everybody knows it’s true haha) #QuatroIsQuatro #RPSIV

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4 months ago

Gotta show out for my biggest fans tonight 😤😤😤 #WhoSaidWeCouldnt #LARams #pLAyoffs

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4 months ago

BUILT DIFFERENT. Coming 🔜 2K19 #LARams

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4 months ago

Happy New Year!

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4 months ago

Finishing my 9th regular season strong! 💪🏾😤💯 #Another16 #Blessed

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4 months ago

We Came To Work Today. #WEnotME #LARams

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5 months ago

#MyCauseMyCleats @bbbsamerica I believe that’s it’s extremely important to invest in the future and mentor our youth! I’m honored to wear these cleats today and hope you can join this cause as well! #GameDay #LARams #SNF

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5 months ago

Follow the DRIP.

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5 months ago

Vote for me and all your favorite @rams players for the #ProBowl there is still time! Put in your #ProBowlVote at Tell your whole family and all your friends to do the same 😂🤣😭

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