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@thephotomargaret photos and videos

5 days ago

Back in Beirut and with one large version of what we left behind last visit.. 👏😁

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15 days ago

Just in! Anyone flying with Vueling, I’ll be there with you in foto!

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16 days ago

Results of a little creative styling itch..

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20 days ago

Turning time into beauty

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21 days ago

First day alpine course.. trading in the sat night stilettos for some pocky crampons!

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24 days ago

Found this Spanish coffee/wine still life hanging around the mountain today

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27 days ago

Bcn beauty on the horizon..

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1 month ago

Looks like a bike but feels like freedom..

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1 month ago

Yey! Yummy new campaign out and all over the place..

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1 month ago

Sunday Calcotada on the costa brava.. it’s the pro-level

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1 month ago

Give someone a quiche and share the foodie love!

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1 month ago

Incredible day of kites and history near Acropolis..

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1 month ago

The rewards of sunrise shoots.... eye candy breakfast.

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1 month ago

To put the beauty out, important to put some beauty in..

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1 month ago

Salmón stylin.. Followed by Salmon munching. The happy-at-work days continue.

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2 months ago

Must confess, today I’ve had a bite or two of our models

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2 months ago

Lettuce just doesn’t feel quite right when it’s cold outside so here’s our winter salad suggestion.. sauerkraut and mandarin! .. you won’t believe how tasty!

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2 months ago

Fun multitasking this morning, put laundry on then wheeled up and down tibidabo

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