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@thephotomargaret photos and videos

12 days ago

Self-lovin in the form a romantic breakfast with me, myself and I!

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13 days ago

2 days 2 summits, Maladeta and Aneto(the highest peak in the pyranees. Today feeling pride and joy and the beauty of it all implanted in the brain.

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19 days ago

Something different, weekend spent helping shoot a crypto documentary, in this case, interviews with Brock Pierce in Ibiza.

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23 days ago

A little present for making it through the week.. it’s a coctail/salad! Packed with vitamins and some protein.. guilt free celebration all the way!

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24 days ago

I’m going to call it R&D day at the office and / gym! 😜

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25 days ago

Impossible to work out the body without simultaneously working out the mind... (deep thoughts from today’s ride! 😁)

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29 days ago

Story for westjet sent me to some of my favorite foodie places in bcn - escriba, cu-cut, bodega 1900.

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1 month ago

Just in time for Monday morning breakfast.. latest campaign for Kelloggs

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1 month ago

Today’s escape fueled by lots of sweat, some swearing and my lovely wheely friend!

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1 month ago

The Beirut A-team celebrating “the wrap!”

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1 month ago

Photos from the lovely job..

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1 month ago

Results of our last weeks Beirut burger shooting party.

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1 month ago

Team work in action!

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1 month ago

So close yet such escape!

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1 month ago

Shot for PF Changs in Kuwait.. craving now for lunch.

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1 month ago

Some really special shoots you end with a pop! and a YEEY!

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2 months ago

Back in Beirut and with one large version of what we left behind last visit.. 👏😁

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2 months ago

Just in! Anyone flying with Vueling, I’ll be there with you in foto!

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