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Toronto based architectural practice with a reputation for innovative thinking and beautifully crafted buildings. #wwincto

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2 days ago

A ravine house that opens on both sides to claim the adjacent landscapes as part of the space. #wwincto #toronto #ravine #stuccohouse #woodwindows

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6 days ago

Great things come out of Toronto #wwincto #globalcity #wethechamps

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6 days ago

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7 days ago

Light and shadow - Something as simple as a stair is an opportunity to provide a moment of engagement within a space. #wwincto #stairs #modern #house

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8 days ago

Good Morning Ontario! Time for coffee and sunshine. #wwincto #slats #slats #slats @pilotcoffee Photo by @norsworthyscott

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9 days ago

Facing front - big cantilever on a small house #wwincto #toronto #modern #canada #raptorsin6 Photo by @bobgundu

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10 days ago

When a box is not a box. An oblique view of an infill house in Toronto's East End shows the front volume carved away to allow a window to the middle bedroom. #wwincto #infillhousing #stuccocanbeok #modern #materials #details #toronto #house #eastend

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11 days ago

The 2 WWs took off to PEI for a couple days to do some work and clear our heads. Beautiful place and beautiful people. #canada #oysters #beach #wind #conversation

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16 days ago

Sneaking light in though the top, even when there are huge windows behind you.

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16 days ago

Intergenerational housing is flexible housing... Research into the allowable unit types previously approved by the City provides the raw material for the spatial organization of the project. A second suite, plus a duplex, plus a bed-sitting room gives us the right mix of unit types to make this project work, albeit in an unconventional form. A corner lot, formerly housing a dilapidated duplex, allows density to be split between the house and generous outdoor spaces. The extended family shares a private courtyard where the cooking and living spaces can spill out into the garden while the grandparents and young couple each have private and protected terraces....

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25 days ago

Birthday BBQ Burlington! New house coming soon to this beauty of a site.

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27 days ago

Morning run trying to shake off the late night celebrating at the @oaarchitects conference in @quebeccite Love this place.

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1 month ago

Calgary: Snohetta and Allied Works

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1 month ago

#pavilion #onadiagonal

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1 month ago

...the carved volumes are less solid than void, creating two distinct bridge spaces that flank the brewhouse and create a mezzanine bar and gallery to the tasting room below. An intimate garden room at the rear of the second floor contains a second tasting bar and opens fully to an exterior deck and an expansive view of the Simcoe Park. @theexchangebrewery #reflection #beer @niagara_onthelake_ontario

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1 month ago

...faceted ceiling geometry rises to a fourteen-foot-tall glazed wall that offers a dramatic scale change from the Victorian interior of the existing house. Despite this large window, skylights were added deep into the room, capturing sun throughout the day and bringing light into the centre of the home. The addition acts as a deep breath that feeds the otherwise dark and narrow house beyond with light and air. @2spacephoto #canadian #american #mullethouse

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1 month ago

Circling back around to curvature on a couple of things... #architecture #canada #construction #modern #detail #modernhome #homedesign #build @harvardgsd @raic_irac @oaarchitects

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